I Survived……..

I have gotten to spend this last glorious week with my Girls in Edmond, Oklahoma. 

While I have been here two amazing blog writers have been writing about the finer parts of Tornadoes and Earthquakes.  Natalie at I Am (not) and Sarah at The Best Days of my Life.  It has been an awesome back and forth dialog both on “The Twitter” and via Blog.

Today I got to have lunch with the Amazing Robin.  It was her Birthday!!!  She brought me back to the Beautiful Cindy’s house.  As we are all chatting Robin gets a call.  There are tornado sirens going off in Yukon.  I can’t believe it.  I am in Edmond, Oklahoma.  I am visiting from California.  UHMM, Excuse me Mr. Tornado Maker you aren’t suppose to be here for a few more months.


We watched Rick Mitchell showing us all the pretty colors and lines.  Apparently the pink and black colors are bad.  Follow the link for the real news story.


I survived….the February 10, 2009 Edmond Oklahoma Tornado and I want a T-Shirt that says so.  😉

Please you all say your prayers for the families of the 8 who died, for those whose homes where lost or damaged, for the business that will need to clean up before opening again.   Natalie’s mom was in one of the affected businesses and thankfully was unharmed.

So to once again give my answer to the question of Tornadoes or Earthquakes….I am sticking with Earthquakes!!!


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WOW…It is my Blogoversary


I can’t believe that it has been a year since I started writing a blog.  Here is a link to my very first post.  It wasn’t my intention to write regularly.  Yet here I am 175 posts later and just a few comments away from 1,000. I thought about what I would say in this post all day.  I really could only think of 2 things that I wanted to make sure that you all know.

1)  I just love you all to pieces.  You all have a special place in my heart.  I know it is crazy but I worry about you if you don’t post when you normally do.  I pray for you and your families daily. 

2) Thank you for blogging, for making me laugh, cry, and for making me think harder, for challenging me.  

 This year has brought some great changes and challenges in my life.  I listed my top 8 in 2008 here.  I look forward to this next year!  It is going to be a blast!

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An Open Apology and An Amazing (little) Imagination

When I met some of my blogging friends last August I was asked if there was an order that I read my blogs.  Who’s is the first I read?  Do you go down a list?  How many do you read?  Do you read them all daily?  Before I had been asked I had really never thought about it. 

I do have a blog reading pattern.  There is one particular lady that I start my day with everyday.  She is the slap upside the side of the head that I need.  I have about 10 more that I read before I eat breakfast.  About 50 more that I read before I go to bed. 

In that 10 before breakfast is OPEN APOLOGY.   This blog is amazing.  It’s posts are short but powerful.  Sometimes they have guest bloggers that we already read and others that become new favorites.  If you haven’t visited this blog…You should.  I say that not so much to get their readership up as to get your conscious up.

While I was reading a post by a guest blogger on Open Apology.  I was lead to another blog to enter a contest to win an art journal.  This blog was so fun to visit.  Debra has an amazing eye for color.  Her blog is A Little Imagination and a Pile of Junk.  Her art journals are very eclectic.  I was so glad that I had made it just in time to enter her contest.  Imagine my surprise when I actually won this beautiful journal. 

This journal is amazing.  It has different types of paper and art in it.  It inspires me to want to log the most beautiful thoughts I have in it. 

art-journal-001 art-journal-002

















Visit these sites.  Get to know these blogs.  Open Apology never fails to make you think.  Little Imagination has a huge sense of color and talent.  She has an Etsy store that sells Ornaments, Pillows, Art Journals and more.  Please give her a shout out.  I think she may not think her art is very good.  I tend to disagree.

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It Is Friday!

I am so Happy that it is Friday!  It has been a long week.  That first week after vacation usually is.  But everything is now caught up at work and home.  The Kids are back in the groove. 

This weekend we are going to relax and do a little shopping for the kids,  It is finally getting cool enough up here to purchase the new pants for school. 

I have class at the church on Sunday and still need to get some reading done for that.

I hope the rest of you all have a great time this weekend.  I know that those of you that are volunteers at Lifechurch.tv are being treated like royalty at the Big Show this weekend.  Enjoy it!  Dance!!  What a great place to serve!

God Bless You All!!!

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What is your Opinion?

I think somehow we learn who we really are and then live with that decision.
-Eleanor Roosevelt

I have been thinking about this quote for awhile. 

How do you take it?

How does it make you feel?

Is it a Positive or Negative? Why?

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