My Last Weight Loss Update

Last April I went to a concert. Before the show we had a wonderful Italian dinner where someone took our picture. When I saw that picture I was shocked! “There is no way that I am that fat!” that is what I told myself. Here is that picture, remember I am in Purple.


I joined Weight Watchers. I started working the plan and the weight started to come off. It was amazing learning about portion size. I would say that that was the first and most important thing I learned. Here I am today, March 4, 2009.


I am 55 pounds lighter. I still have 5 pounds I would like to lose. I also need to work on getting some tone. I hate exercise. Recently when I was in Oklahoma I got to go jean shopping. I bought 2 pairs of size 12s. When I started losing weight I was in a 20. Now I know some of you are 3,5,7,8s. but for me, size 12 is perfect, for now. While I was in Oklahoma I was lucky enough to score an appointment to get my hair done. Ali Ruhman (she is one of the Many Meadows) did a beautiful job with my fried and ruined hair. If you are Looking for a great stylist you should get ahold of her. Here is a close-up of my hair. I love it!! Thank you Ali! I wish I was close enough to always have you do it!!!


I would like to express my Thanks for all of you that Encouraged Me, Supported Me, Loved Me and Prayed for Me through this process. You all are amazing!!

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I Let Other People Control My Feelings!

Do you ever give other people power over your Feelings?

I’m not talking about the authority figures in your life.  Your Spouse, Parents, Employer, Supervisor.

I am referring to the people in your life that are your “friends”, your “Been There, Done That” Aquaintence that knows everything, your Confidant that you thought you could rely on to be there for you, not just you always being there for them.

I have been quiet this week.  For a few of reasons. 

One reason is that I am getting ready to leave for Hawaii this weekend.  So that takes planning not just for Craig and I and our luggage but also for the kids and grandpa and their needs while we are gone. 

I have also been fighting one of my infamous tired/pain attacks that no doctors seems to be able to figure out.  So I take my medication and try to just smile.  ( 🙂 ) 

Another of the other reasons is I believe that my Heavenly Father has been teaching me a lesson in friendship.  I had two things happen this week that were eye openers. Covering one extreme to another. 

I had an important issue that I needed some advice on and I emailed a friend about it.  We set up a time to talk over the phone.  I called, she answered, we talked.  She made me feel like she cared.  She didn’t just mentor but she was my friend first.  We laughed, we discussed good and not so good with our children and we discussed our up coming trips with our husbands. (My trip being way better 😀 ) She also made sure to help me with what I needed advice on.  This was the Good Extreme! 

Now the other Not So Good Extreme…I believe that I have allowed a couple of people to take advantage of my friendship.  My spiritual gifting runs strong in encouragement.  I love encouraging people!  Especially Women that have low self esteem.  We are all beautiful.  God loves us all.  I think that one thing that I am suppose to do is help lift people up.  When you lift people up it ususally means that you are at the bottom of the pile.  I am ok with that most of the time but can you please take your military boots off before you stomp on me.  This week I crawled out from the bottom of the pile just slightly bruised. 

It makes me want to just keep to myself.  I use to have a saying that I don’t really use anymore but some days it is tempting…It goes like this.  “It sucks to be you” I remember when I could say that and walk away.  What a work God has done in me.  I am just not sure I will survive the bruises sometimes.

So to answer the original question……..
Do you ever give other people power over your Feelings?
YES!  I Unfortunately Have Wasted 3 Days With Hurt Feelings?
Yes Folks Theresa Has Been At The Pity Party!
(I am waiting for Cindy Beall to come pop my Balloons)

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It has been over 6 Months

As most of you know, I have been losing weight this year.  At the last update I had lost 40 pounds by my 40th birthday.  I have still been counting points and going to my Weight Watchers meetings but I have also been trying to just hold steady.  I still have another 16 pounds to lose to reach my goal.  I am also getting on a plane to Hawaii in about 10 days.  When I get back from Hawaii I am going to tackle the 16 pounds.

I go to weigh-ins on Wednesday afternoons and a new week starts Thursday mornings.  So I usually claim Wednesday night dinner as a free be.  So can you guess what I had for dinner….Yep I had a BIG MAC!!!  It was AMAZING!!  I haven’t had one for over 6 months.  It was worth every single one of the 13 points. 

I know that some of you have seen the email earlier in the week but it has been awhile since I update the rest of you.  So here I am total weight-loss of 44 pounds and I had my hair cut off.  I am also 4 pant sizes smaller but I refuse to buy clothes until I need winter clothes.  🙂 

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Mother’s Day~Friday Outings~Health Update

Happy Mother’s Day to all of You Amazing Women!


This weeks Friday Outings is a little far from home but still in California. We are traveling to Santa Clara (About 4 hours South) this weekend to ride roller coasters and attend Spring Celebration at Great America.

Spring Celebration this year is featuring Switchfoot, Kutless, Barlow Girl, Red and Family Force Five. I can’t imagine a better way to spend Mother’s Day weekend then Awesome Worship and Roller Coasters!!!

As far as my health…..I had a follow-up with the neurologist today and my brain is good. I even got to see the side by side comparison of the new MRI and the 2005 MRI. My other doctor did a battery of neck x-rays. The x-rays show disc degeneration as well as some bone spurring in my neck. I believe that we may do and MRI on my neck but I just need a break. I am on a few meds that seem to keep me pretty even and help with the headaches and aside from a small patch all feeling has returned to my head. My personal belief is that the Lord healed me. I walk out of that neurologist’s office the first time being told that I had an auto immune disease, just not sure which one. I walk out of there today and was informed that my brain and everything in it is all normal and actually quite healthy. All of my prayer warriors and my faith have banished that from me. I will take a little bone spurring and loss of disc over MS, Lupus, Graves Disease, ALS, Fiber-myalgia any day!

Faith and Encouragment are my Spiritual Gifts. I’m claiming them!

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Project Update!

I figure since I am blessd enough to have a group of people that tell me how beautiful I am and that “I do have ridiculously skinny friends.” (Thank you Deleise, I have a special place in my heart for you!!!) I figured I owed you all an update. As of today I have lost……..7 whole pounds and 2 ounces!!!

Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement! I really do love you all!!

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