Monday Meditation & A 16th Birthday

Those that are most slow in making a promise
 are the most faithful in the performance of it.
— Jean Jacques Rousseau


My son turns 16 today. It has been an interesting year with him. I am really proud of what he has accomplished, what he has chosen to stand for, and his self control that he exhibits daily with his grandfather. Now ssshhhhh, I am not suppose to talk about him on my blog so don’t tell. 🙂



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I Survived……..

I have gotten to spend this last glorious week with my Girls in Edmond, Oklahoma. 

While I have been here two amazing blog writers have been writing about the finer parts of Tornadoes and Earthquakes.  Natalie at I Am (not) and Sarah at The Best Days of my Life.  It has been an awesome back and forth dialog both on “The Twitter” and via Blog.

Today I got to have lunch with the Amazing Robin.  It was her Birthday!!!  She brought me back to the Beautiful Cindy’s house.  As we are all chatting Robin gets a call.  There are tornado sirens going off in Yukon.  I can’t believe it.  I am in Edmond, Oklahoma.  I am visiting from California.  UHMM, Excuse me Mr. Tornado Maker you aren’t suppose to be here for a few more months.


We watched Rick Mitchell showing us all the pretty colors and lines.  Apparently the pink and black colors are bad.  Follow the link for the real news story.

I survived….the February 10, 2009 Edmond Oklahoma Tornado and I want a T-Shirt that says so.  😉

Please you all say your prayers for the families of the 8 who died, for those whose homes where lost or damaged, for the business that will need to clean up before opening again.   Natalie’s mom was in one of the affected businesses and thankfully was unharmed.

So to once again give my answer to the question of Tornadoes or Earthquakes….I am sticking with Earthquakes!!!


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1,000th Commenter

I have reached a milestone!!!  I have had 1,000 comments on my blog.  I know there are those of you celebrating way more!  I am a small time blogger and it takes us little ones a longer time to hit the big numbers.

My 1,000th Commenter was ABBI.  She is a busy woman.  She writes on 3 other blogs that I know of.  Many Meadows (Her Fiances Family’s Blog), The Bod Squad (getting in shape forum), and Z as in Zebra (cake making, yummy!).

She is planning her wedding to Andrew.  She is excited to be becoming a Meadows and the Meadows are just as excited to have her.

I am going to have to think of something fun for her.  A prize for being #1,000.  🙂  Go visit her blogs!!  She is one awesome lady!!

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Meet My Pastor

Meet my Pastor, Bill Giovannetti.  He has recently had a book published called “How to Keep Your Inner Mess From Trashing Your Outer World“.  The website for this book is fun.  It explains what the book is about, talks to you about your Inner Mess characters and gives you  some information about who Bill is. 

Bill is an amazing speaker that captivates an audience.  You can find his sermons here at the Neighborhood Church of Redding’s website,

I also encourage you to visit his Blog, and to stop by the book’s website,

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Thank You 2008

Here are my Top 8 for 2008:

1) I started blogging, instead of just reading them.

2) Craig and I finally took a honeymoon after 17 years and went to Hawaii.  






3) I flew to Oklahoma and I met the most AMAZING women… My Round Table Friends! Cindy, Robin, Deleise, Kim, Natalie and Erin…Thank You Ladies for all the Love!!!











4) I turned 40!  (I swear Alece it is better than 30)

5) I got to meet over the phone and talk with regularly Heidi.  She doesn’t think it is true but she really has kept me together on more then one occasion.  She also makes me laugh like there is no tomorrow.

6) I lost 50+ pounds with no surgery!  God, Thank You for Weight Watchers and the Support of my Friends and Family!

7) I got to attend in person the Campus in Edmond, Oklahoma!  It has the Biggest Cross I have ever seen!



8.  I got closer to God.  My relationship with the Lord has flourished and is secure on the Rock instead of sand!

I really have so much to be grateful for.  I have met a bunch of wonderful people that if I could list them all it would take me at least a day and I would still miss some.  I truly believe that the Lord knew who I need and lead me to them.  I have received so much wisdom from so many of you I could never thank you all.  I appreciate that you have opened up a part of yourselves to the world and allowed us, the people you didn’t know, to participate in this corner of your world.

I look forward to 2009.  I pray that we all have a great year.  That our families prosper! That we see tons of people come to know Christ as their savior.  May God Bless Us All!

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