Meet My Pastor

Meet my Pastor, Bill Giovannetti.  He has recently had a book published called “How to Keep Your Inner Mess From Trashing Your Outer World“.  The website for this book is fun.  It explains what the book is about, talks to you about your Inner Mess characters and gives you  some information about who Bill is. 

Bill is an amazing speaker that captivates an audience.  You can find his sermons here at the Neighborhood Church of Redding’s website,

I also encourage you to visit his Blog, and to stop by the book’s website,

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Christmas Eve Eve

Tonight we attended our Church’s Christmas Eves Eve Celebration.  By we I am referring to Craig, Myself, Ryan and I.  Ryan was worried that the floor would open up and suck him in.  I am glad to report that there was no structural damage to the church and Ryan is still with us. 

We are a pretty casual church.  So it was surprising when the Christmas Choir came out in beautiful white robes.


I love our Christmas service.  I love to sing the songs.  I love to hear the stories.  I love to see the people that I have become closer to this year. 

Last Friday, Craig and I were suppose to go to an informal potluck.  That was the night that Craig came home and had been laid off.  Tonight we were informed that we had been missed.  I was surprised that anybody noticed we weren’t there.  Then when I explained why we had not come to this person, he stood there and prayed over us.  It was great!  As most of you know Craig hardly ever goes to church with me.  I see the Lord working in him.  Recently he said he wanted to start attending Saturday night services with me.  I am patiently waiting for that to start. 🙂  Sorry rambled off the subject.

After a Family Story was told and a Prayer was said.  The Choir came back out and the Children’s Choir joined them for a wonderful rendition of Silent Night.  christmas-2008-004

I so Love the Lord.  I am so filled with Happiness that He loves me enough to become human and sacrifice himself for me and you.  I am praying that you all have a safe and blessed CHRISTmas. 

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Trent Austin – Little Drummer Boy

Trent Austin sings his rendition of “The Little Drummer Boy” from the Edmond Campus.  This video is posted on the Facebook Group Campus Christmas

It is amazing.   So for all of my readers that don’t already attend  Sit back, Turn up the volume and See how they do Christmas songs in Oklahoma!

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Are You a Partner?


Before I start…I am asking seriously for whoever reads this to give me an honest opinion and/or reply regarding church partnership or membership.

I have been attending my church for 2 years.  Two years ago this month I walked into NCR and listened to my Pastor, Bill Giovannetti, for the first time.  His message knocked the wind out of me.  God whispered in my ear “This is your home”.  I didn’t know anybody at the church.  I came back all through the holidays that year.  Pastor Bill did a series called Wild at Heart. It was amazing. 

I had been in Redding 3 1/2 years at that time.  My father in law is a Lutheran pastor and for a long time when we first moved I chose not to go to church.  I felt pressure to attend his church and I really didn’t want to or enjoy it.  So I became a 2 time a year church attender, Christmas and Easter.  That only worked for me for about a year and a half.  I enjoy worship to much to be satisfied with just watching it on television.  I also hadn’t found some of the internet services that I enjoy now then.  So the search started. 

Unless it is really scary or just plain odd, I won’t make a decision about a church for a bit.  I will attend through a season.  I will see who covers for the regular pastor when he is gone.  Who does the worship on a regular basis.  Which people in the congregation are happy and which aren’t.  After a period of time I decide if I am staying or not.  So in the 2 years that I searched this area for a church I attended 4 churches before going to NCR.  One visit and it was home, within 4 weeks I was invited to join an iGroup (small group).  My daughter attended the Jr. High Experience and loved it.  We still attend this church.  Neighborhood is our home.

I have recently started training again for a care ministry through our church.  I had started the training last year but due to the unknown health issues I had to stop the training.  I have also been feeling a calling in my heart to attend a partnership class.  This is what they call membership.  I want to be a partner in my church.  I think that it is important to be part of a team.  So tomorrow I am attending the partnership class and it is my intention to join my fellow church goers and become a true partner of Neighborhood.

I was talking with a friend about this on Friday.  She said something that has just been stuck in my head.  I really never thought of myself as naive but I guess I must be.  She asked me why I was going to “join” the church.  I said that I had been attending for 2 years and felt that it was time and that I was going to be later volenteering in a care ministry.  That I felt it would make the care receivers more comfortable to know that I was a partner of the church.  I also explained that NCR is my home I want to help support it.  She then said to me…..”People attend the same church for years and never join.”  Really?  Why?

What does church membership/partnership mean to you?
Do you know people that have attended for years that never have joined?

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Worship – Not Just For Sundays Anymore @ Heart Reflections

I have noticed lately that a few people are blogging about worship.  I love this topic.  I love music.  I think that the worship part of the church service is so important.  It isn’t the only important part but it is a peice of the puzzle.

I am asking you all to go visit Shane at Heart Reflections.  She has the most beautiful post on Worship today.  My first work in my comment to her was WOW!! 

I really think you will all be blessed by this post.  🙂

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