I Have a Mentor

I have a Mentor. She lives 1,803 miles away. This makes it a little hard to get together for coffee but I know she is there if I need her.

My Mentor is a Wife, Mom, a Mimi (grandma) and a friend to many. I don’t think she realizes how much she has helped me become a more godly woman, better mother and wife and more tolerant of things I have no control over. She is Beautiful, Strong, Fun and Smart. I met her in person last August. I stayed in her home, which gave me an incredible opportunity to observe, question and follow her around.

I posted earlier in the week about some stuff that we are going through with our daughter and text messaging. While I was with my friend last August she took me to a Christian store, “The Mardels”. She showed me a book she was going to start studying with her boys. Eyes Wide Open-Avoiding the Heartbreak of Emotional Promiscuity Every night Hope and I have been reading a chapter and discussing it, in-line with scripture. This book has really touched my heart and reminded me how fragile a teenagers heart really is. I don’t really know of too many things that bring teenage girls closer to their mothers but this book is doing it for us.


My Mentor is Robin Meadows. The above photo is of Robin with Dirk her husband. Their Blog is Many Meadows. I know alot of you already know her but for those of you that don’t go visit her blog.

Robin, thank you so much for your guidance, leadership, friendship, prayer and most of all your love. God has truly blessed me with you.

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