What’s on Your Mind ’09 – Is it Ever Wrong to Do the Right Thing?

This weeks topic, Is it Ever Wrong to Do the Right Thing?, is a stumper for me.  My personal feelings are if it is the right thing to do then how can it be wrong?  I can think of a couple instances of where it may be right to do the wrong thing.  

In a world where the rules are constantly changing, I feel blessed to have a list of  rules.  I have always enjoyed the saying that the BIBLE is the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.  I try to do the right things in the eyes of my Heavenly Father.

I am really interested in your answers.  Please help a girl out.  Is Right Right and Wrong Wrong. Is it Ever Wrong to Do the Right Thing?

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  1. Theresa,

    I’m having the same problem with the topic at What’s on Your Mind ’09. It seems like a no-brainer to me. I’m going to write mine in a bit, but first wanted to come thank you for your kind words that you left on my blog. I enjoy reading your blog also. I’m meeting a lot of wonderful ladies in the blogosphere. It’s awesome to see that there are so many who love and want to serve the Lord, too. I’m not alone!

  2. Hey lady! It’s a stumper alright! Bottom line – I agree with you… right is right and wrong is wrong.

  3. My brain is mush right now but I like how you are getting us to think. You are a teacher.


  4. Let’s talk about this next week 🙂

    • It’s a plusaere to find someone who can identify the issues so clearly

  5. Interesting subject Theresa. Craig at Lifechurch.tv is in a series right now called Trueish. He is discussing the difference between absolutes vs. relativism. I don’t know if you have been able to catch any of it yet but has been very good. I think we can do the right thing at the wrong time.Dirk

  6. My gut hurt before I started reading and now my head hurtz too. I don’t know if it is ever right or wrong but I do know that honesty is not always the best policy (even when you’re asked) is that okay for now?

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