What’s on Your Mind ’09? – God in the Ordinary

This weeks topic is God in the Ordinary.  Sometimes I don’t think that I get the topics in the way they were meant but I am just going to continue in the direction that the Lord leads me.  So God in the Ordinary to me means that God shows himself or makes himself known in little ways while I do day to day things.

I was listening to a message a few weeks ago about Prayer. Craig Groeschel at LifeChurch.tv was explaining how he walks through his day and talks to God all day in prayer for people, situations and desires.  This message made me relax.  I am not one of those people that can curl up in my recliner and watch the sunrise and pray nonstop for hours straight.  I wake up in the morning and pray that we have an awesome day, that the blood of Jesus will continue to protect my family, thank Him for a restful night of sleep and Thank Him again for Jesus.  Then my day starts.

I talk to God all day.  When I see people on the road that are down and out. I pray.  When I run into the grocery store and I see mothers with their WIC checks buying milk for their babies and people are rolling their eyes because it takes longer to check out. I thank my Lord for making that program available to that Mother that needs the help to raise her child healthy.  I praise him when I get a green light.  🙂

They other day in the store there was a lady in a scooter.  She came close to running into the back of Craig a couple of times and he was perturbed.  This store is a bag your own groceries store.  She got into line behind us.  So while I was waiting for the clerk to ring me up, I started unloading her basket and she was so happy that she almost started crying.  Turns out that she has just had her knee replaced.  I went to write the check and they started ringing her up and there is my husband bagging her groceries.

Too me that is God in the Ordinary.  Where he use to have to scream in my ear to help others.  Whisper in my heart don’t you think you should pray for that person.  I know find that once in a while he actually tells me he loves me for doing things IN THE ORDINARY!

To read more of What’s on Your Mind 09 Visit Karen at Surviving Motherhood, who is our host this week.

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  1. Awesome post! This makes me think of the scripture that says to pray without ceasing. I think God is pleased with going through our ordinary day with us through prayer.

    I had to smile when you set the example by unloading the groceries for the lady in the scooter. By you being a servant, your hubby became one, too!

    God bless!

  2. I love that we can do simple, ordinary things and God will be pleased.
    I love that He is in every moment. Even the simple, ordinary ones!

  3. Me too!

    I chat all day. Even when in the kamode :0) (sp?). Sometimes there is nothing else to do in there, and it is also sometimes the only quiet place in the house. I’m giggling as I write this, but it is true!!!



  4. What a great everyday story. My prayer is that I keep my eyes open in order to find opportunities to be the blessing instead of watching for the blessings to happen to me.

  5. He’s what makes “ordinary” extraordinary! Good thoughts! 🙂

  6. Great post, girl!

  7. Oooh this was good. So sweet, letting the Lord love her through you both!

  8. This blesses my heart so much. I find that my day is always brighter when I choose to make a habit of acknowledging all the great things God is doing, His heart toward the people around me, and the ways He could use me that, most of the time, are so simple.

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