Does God Have Teenagers?

Are we God’s teenagers?

Does He Stand over us trying to teach us? Trying to lead us in the right direction?  Does He try to talk to us like we are more mature, more knowledgeable then we act? 

How do we respond to his teachings, directions, suggestions, and wise whispers?

Do we respond like good obedient children? Standing there still, in formation, looking ahead, trying to memorize everything that is being taught to us?


Do we huff loudly as we slam our bodies into chairs, rolling our eyes as to say “This Again!”, turning our faces half way away from Him and murmur “Yeah yeah yeah whatever”?

As a parent I am almost embarrassed to admit that when one of my children acts this way towards me.  I have a tendency to get just a little irritated.  I basically turn on my heel and walk away.  I don’t want to say or do anything that I may regret later.  Usually whichever child that acted up shows up where ever I am and apologizes and acknowledges what they said or did that caused the issue.  Kiss, Hug, and a talk about the behavior.  Life is great.

With God I am thinking he probably doesn’t turn and walk away.  He might get irritated, maybe?  I can guarantee He is a better parent then me.  He is patient, loving, always present and never leaves me behind no matter how I act. 

Lord, Please help me to be a better parent.  Please show me how to be more patient with my teenagers’ attitudes.  I lift my precious children up to you and ask that you heal them from any damage I may have done to them.  Heavenly Father, I thank you for giving them to me even though I don’t feel as if I am worthy of them most of the time.  Thank you for your love and forgiveness.

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  1. Ugh. I’m definitely God’s teenager…
    Love this look by the way!

  2. Yes, definitely a teenager here. Sorry God!
    You are a great mom, Theresa.

  3. Me too, me too, me too… I feel this way too. In fact, just had a “back to reality” conversation with one of my teens just after returning from our trip. This blessed me!!!


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