Resolution or Goal

It is that time of year where everybody is thinking about making their New Year’s Resolution.  Some of the most popular ones are Losing Weight, Exercise More, Give More To Charity, Pay Down Debt, Quit Smoking, etc.  Have you picked yours for 2009? 

I made a resolution one year and failed miserably at keeping it.  Then I felt like a failure.  Hey, you can only make resolutions on New Years Day, right?  I have never made another resolution again.  

I like to set goals.  I love the way I feel when I have reached a goal.  For me goals work better because they  just seam easier.  I can set smaller goals within the overall goal to help keep my on track. 

Would you rather reach a goal or keep a resolution?

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  1. Theresa, I like to set goals, too. I actually wrote along the same lines as you did on my “What’s On Your Mind ’09” post. Small goals are much easier to reach and give you a feeling of accomplishment. You feel much more like tackling the next goal.

    Nice to meet you!

  2. Goals. Definitely goals.

  3. all these revolutions are making me giddy 🙂


  4. I too am such a sucker for a good goal! Although I can not resist the temptation to call it a resolution since we are in a new year!

  5. Resolutions seems like a rule waiting to be broken. Goals seem like something to work toward. Goals it is, then.

  6. No resolutions for me. I know I’ll just disappoint myself. But goals, yes. The only real goal I have to is to grow in Christ, or better yet, let Him grow in me.

  7. definitely rather reach a goal. I usually suck at keeping resolutions.

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