Thank You 2008

Here are my Top 8 for 2008:

1) I started blogging, instead of just reading them.

2) Craig and I finally took a honeymoon after 17 years and went to Hawaii.  






3) I flew to Oklahoma and I met the most AMAZING women… My Round Table Friends! Cindy, Robin, Deleise, Kim, Natalie and Erin…Thank You Ladies for all the Love!!!











4) I turned 40!  (I swear Alece it is better than 30)

5) I got to meet over the phone and talk with regularly Heidi.  She doesn’t think it is true but she really has kept me together on more then one occasion.  She also makes me laugh like there is no tomorrow.

6) I lost 50+ pounds with no surgery!  God, Thank You for Weight Watchers and the Support of my Friends and Family!

7) I got to attend in person the Campus in Edmond, Oklahoma!  It has the Biggest Cross I have ever seen!



8.  I got closer to God.  My relationship with the Lord has flourished and is secure on the Rock instead of sand!

I really have so much to be grateful for.  I have met a bunch of wonderful people that if I could list them all it would take me at least a day and I would still miss some.  I truly believe that the Lord knew who I need and lead me to them.  I have received so much wisdom from so many of you I could never thank you all.  I appreciate that you have opened up a part of yourselves to the world and allowed us, the people you didn’t know, to participate in this corner of your world.

I look forward to 2009.  I pray that we all have a great year.  That our families prosper! That we see tons of people come to know Christ as their savior.  May God Bless Us All!

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  1. This blogging community has enlarged our hearts!!

  2. I’m SO glad you’re blogging now instead of just reading too! 😉 And again, a HUGE congrats. on losing 50 pounds without surgery. That’s a big deal and you should be proud.

  3. Jebus, ya didnt mention me LMFAO……

    HAPPY NEW YEAR DEAR YOU……. and fanks for having stumbled into me blob world…… it is a far better place for having you around……. sorta like an old familiar smell lol…..


  4. I didn’t know you when 2008 started. Now I do. And you’re staying at my house in a month. And that makes me happy.

  5. You did have a good year! So crazy that we didn’t know each other this time last year!

  6. Me? your bandaid?? 🙂

    Oh so you go to OK instead of San Diego huh??

    Someday, I am going to squeeze you until your stuffing comes out and we are going to sit on a beach and drink St Arbucks and Laugh and laugh and laugh!!!!

    Love you girl!!!!

  7. Wow, Theresa! What wonderful accomplishments for 2008… you started blogging, a honeymoon, meeting new ffrinds and congrats on the weightloss!! That’s a big achievement and one that I struggle with myself! Wishing you the best in 2009!

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