Christmas Eve Eve

Tonight we attended our Church’s Christmas Eves Eve Celebration.  By we I am referring to Craig, Myself, Ryan and I.  Ryan was worried that the floor would open up and suck him in.  I am glad to report that there was no structural damage to the church and Ryan is still with us. 

We are a pretty casual church.  So it was surprising when the Christmas Choir came out in beautiful white robes.


I love our Christmas service.  I love to sing the songs.  I love to hear the stories.  I love to see the people that I have become closer to this year. 

Last Friday, Craig and I were suppose to go to an informal potluck.  That was the night that Craig came home and had been laid off.  Tonight we were informed that we had been missed.  I was surprised that anybody noticed we weren’t there.  Then when I explained why we had not come to this person, he stood there and prayed over us.  It was great!  As most of you know Craig hardly ever goes to church with me.  I see the Lord working in him.  Recently he said he wanted to start attending Saturday night services with me.  I am patiently waiting for that to start. 🙂  Sorry rambled off the subject.

After a Family Story was told and a Prayer was said.  The Choir came back out and the Children’s Choir joined them for a wonderful rendition of Silent Night.  christmas-2008-004

I so Love the Lord.  I am so filled with Happiness that He loves me enough to become human and sacrifice himself for me and you.  I am praying that you all have a safe and blessed CHRISTmas. 

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  1. I love you, T. Good things are ahead.

  2. He is SO good.
    The service looked beautiful.

  3. I bet those woman hated that, they turn up at a function and find that everyone else is wearing the same dress LOL



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