I’m Getting There

As most of you know I am usually pretty up, pretty happy, most of the time finding the positive.  This year I am having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit.  I am not having any problems with celebrating my Savior’s Birthday!  This is the only part of the holiday that is making me happy.  I am having a problem with the excess that the media, non-believers and children are trying to push on me.  I don’t need to take on six figures of debt to have a wonderful day on Christmas. 

Well last night I had the big turn around.  I was going through the channels and what did I see…..?  The ONE the ONLY…The ORIGINAL……. GRINCH


 Who could not find the Christmas spirit in themselves after watching mean old Grinch’s Heart grow THREE Times it’s size?  C’mon Don’t you want to help carve the Roast Beast and who could resist little Cindy Lou?  OK I am a sucker for the real Grinch….I must also admit to loving Snow Miser and Heat Miser too!

So I got up off my duff and decorated my little tree in my bedroom.  We had already done the one that my Father in Law gets to look at in the living room.  So here is a picture of my little tree.  Three things to note, 1 it is a living tree, 2 the dove was a gift from my grandmother to me in 1976 and is my oldest favorite ornament and finally 3 is my newest ornament the Cute Little Red Cup from Starbucks.  I place it there in honor of our friend Alece as a reminder to pray for her regularly!  christmas-2008-006

I think I am finally in the mood for Christmas.  The “Holiday” part of it.  I still find the “Bible Thumping” (my mom’s words) part of CHRISTmas the best part!!  I am so excited to once again get to provide a meal to a family that is having hard times.  I am thankful that I am being blessed to be able to do it.  Please gather in the lost and help where you can.  Even if it is a beautiful 80 degree day, it is a cold Christmas without Jesus. 


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  1. I agree with you on everything! And I love your little tree!

  2. amen sister! ❤

  3. I hate the greed and WANTS that many have at christmas the MUST HAVES the long lists of what they MUST buy and not what they would like to buy for people…

    I dont go along with that bandwagon, I buy little gift for a handful of people because I CHOOSE to, they are bought from the heart…. my lads have never made long long lists of WANTS….. I choose my gift to them, from my heart and soul, and not something off what I call a ‘greed list’ like I see my maties constantly holding in their hands ticking off daily what they have bought off their childrens WANT lists….

    nope thats not how it works in this house….

    Im glad you decorated your little tree in your room 🙂 and oh my, what do I spy lol….

    Have the most lovely of Sundays when you get here 🙂 see us Brits are always just that one step ahead of you doodles lol


  4. Hi Theresa,

    I’m glad you are finally getting into the holiday spirit. I was just thinking yesterday how nice it would be if Christmas gift giving focused on giving to those in need rather than buying luxuries for each other. We have to take back Christmas ourselves. Today I will venture out to do my first holiday shopping. The list is short as my family knows money is tight and they don’t want me putting myself into debt. A little something for the kids in the famiy, and luckily at 4 my son has no major demands. And for me the ack of commercial pressure this season has made it one of my the best years ever.

    Thank you for your wonderful comments on my horse painting… I haven’t done any more yet (I’ve got to pick up that brush again) and I am happily surprised that your daughter likes it so much she wants it! I’ve never thought about selling my paintings (not that you are asking to buy it). But it isn’t spoken for and I would one day like to be able to sell my art. Thanks for giving me hope for that dream!

  5. i love that little red cup! a blog friend mailed one to me in SA (so i crossed it somewhere over the atlantic i’m sure!). my tree next christmas will be tons better now that it’ll have one of those on it!

    thanks for all your prayers!

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