I have been spending part of my Sundays in a ministry class.  Last year I was enrolled in this same training program but do to my health I only completed about 70% of it.  I was blessed to be asked back and decided to restart from the beginning.  The training is wonderful and is stuff that you can use everyday. 

This last class we were asked to list 5 things that motivate us to do what we do.  One lady asked if we were answering just in regards to this ministry and why we were there.  Or if it was regarding what motivates us in our lives.  Our instructor asked us to answer the question however we wished.

I made my list of what motivates me:
1. God, My Husband and My Kids
2. I want to Assist People/Encourage Them
3. Help others to find Rest and Peace in the Lord
4. Love for Others, Wanting to be a Disciple
5. Glorify God

We then were asked to share out lists and state what part of our lives were motivated by these things.  It was during this time of sharing that I realized, I have crossed a line in my life.  A line of no return thank you very much.  I realized that this list of mine is what motivates me in LIFE.  Not just one compartment of my life, but my WHOLE LIFE!

I would love to say that I remember the day that I woke up and without realizing it, with no concious effort my life revolved around God! I didn’t have to remind myself that He is Number One. I didn’t feel the need to scold myself for letting my flesh speak to me first. I truly am not sure when that transitition took place. I am just excited that it has.

Hi, My Name is Theresa and I am Motivated By God!
Do the same things motivate you for all things in your life?

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  1. This is so good Theresa, and will leave me thinking today.
    What a great question to ask ourselves when a decision comes up– what am I being motivated by in this? I know that I have some areas that I need to check myself in regarding this. I can rejoice though that I have seen Him gain more and more riegn in my life over the years, and my true hope is that He would have it ALL.
    I hope you have a truly blessed day today!

  2. Ah, that is wonderful to hear.

    I think that applies to me. I am motivated by God and all He’s done in my life.

    I describe it like this: I don’t want Jesus to be a part of my life. I want him to BE my life.

    Love you.

  3. Thanks for dropping by. :O)

    May your Christmas be blessed and beautiful, too!


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