Dirty Laundry

I was emailing a friend tonight.  Asking her some questions.  Then all of a sudden I just started talking to her about something that the Lord has been putting on my heart lately.  I finished my email to her in a little more personal detail.  Then made a joke at the closing that I should probably just blog about it.  Here I am, I am going to air some of my dirty laundry.

I like to shop for clothes.  I am really feeling God telling me to stop.  I have always been worried that people would laugh at me for always wearing the same clothes.  I think it is a symptom from my past.  I think I need an accountability partner for this.  There are a couple things that I do need thanks to the weight loss like a winter coat.  I really need to quit shopping.  Why do I need a closet full of clothes.  I gave away 4 big hefty bags of clothes and you would never know it.  I stand in there in the mornings and look at shirts and actually tell myself I have nothing to wear.  

How do we stop ourselves from living in the excess that society has created and made to be normal? 

When did we all decide we needed 20+ changes of clothes?  30+ pairs of shoes? 

Dont even get me started on purses. 

Why are we so concerned what others think about what we wear?

Imagine the money I wouldn’t have spent if I didn’t care about what they thought?

Imagine what could have been done with the money?

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  1. Girl…. I don’t know about you. you have so much…
    I’m laughing but I am thrilled at the same time that you are listening to Daddy God. But still giggling.

    I don’t have this problem. ^^^ I don’t own one purse and don’t want too. I have 4 pairs of shoes and clothes very minimal.

    But you know friend this is me with ^^ other things in my life.

    This is a great challenge.

  2. I know when I’m feeling down I want to buy something new, but with the size of my closet and my check book it has been easy for me to refrain. Your walk-in closet makes my mouth water a little and all your shoes make my heart happy. I promise– I’m not coveting-
    I do sometimes ask myself if the cloths that I want are for me or to impress others. It’s always good to ask the Lord to examine our hearts and to teach us about stewardship.

  3. Speakin to my heart today sister.

  4. good for you! that’s tough. I don’t have shopping issues (I hate shopping) but I know the emotions around clothing. I work in a professional environment where lots of people make lots of money. They dress to the hilt. It is such an enormous temptation for me to desire, even lust, after new clothing. Fortunately we have no credit and live paycheque to paycheque so acting out on my desires is not an option. I have had God speak to me about eating out though. That’s where I fall short. Our schedules are so busy, I don’t plan ahead and so we frequently eat out and I feel God speaking to me about discipline in that area.

    Thank you for your honesty!

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