WOW GOD! – Thank You










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  1. Wow!!! God is soooo good!!

  2. yes WOW!!!!!!!! so beautiful!!!!

  3. I’m SO jealous. 😉 Beautiful.

  4. Oooooooooooooooo….I’m so happy you are getting to experience this!

  5. Gorgeous.

  6. I can’t believe you didn’t want ALL of us to join you on this getaway.

  7. This looks AMAZING!!! I hope you had fun. =)

  8. Hi! Just wanted to make sure you received my email listing your ornament swap partner’s information. If you did not please check your spam filter – some have been getting stuck in there. If you still don’t have it please email me.

    Julie from

  9. Beautiful, beautiful! 🙂

  10. I love you.. I am so happy for you!!

  11. Do you love that your big decision of the day is what SPF to wear? Have a ball! Savor every moment!


  12. What incredible photos….. just gorgeous……

    Me finks you are me ornament swap partner 🙂 so Ive just popped over from Twaddle to have a butchers at your blob…….

    Nice, oh so very nice……. gonna get a cuppa tea and scroll back and read some more……


  13. man that place looks horrible, I am glad I didn;t have to go 🙂

  14. “beautiful! gorgeous! wish you were here!”

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