An Open Apology and An Amazing (little) Imagination

When I met some of my blogging friends last August I was asked if there was an order that I read my blogs.  Who’s is the first I read?  Do you go down a list?  How many do you read?  Do you read them all daily?  Before I had been asked I had really never thought about it. 

I do have a blog reading pattern.  There is one particular lady that I start my day with everyday.  She is the slap upside the side of the head that I need.  I have about 10 more that I read before I eat breakfast.  About 50 more that I read before I go to bed. 

In that 10 before breakfast is OPEN APOLOGY.   This blog is amazing.  It’s posts are short but powerful.  Sometimes they have guest bloggers that we already read and others that become new favorites.  If you haven’t visited this blog…You should.  I say that not so much to get their readership up as to get your conscious up.

While I was reading a post by a guest blogger on Open Apology.  I was lead to another blog to enter a contest to win an art journal.  This blog was so fun to visit.  Debra has an amazing eye for color.  Her blog is A Little Imagination and a Pile of Junk.  Her art journals are very eclectic.  I was so glad that I had made it just in time to enter her contest.  Imagine my surprise when I actually won this beautiful journal. 

This journal is amazing.  It has different types of paper and art in it.  It inspires me to want to log the most beautiful thoughts I have in it. 

art-journal-001 art-journal-002

















Visit these sites.  Get to know these blogs.  Open Apology never fails to make you think.  Little Imagination has a huge sense of color and talent.  She has an Etsy store that sells Ornaments, Pillows, Art Journals and more.  Please give her a shout out.  I think she may not think her art is very good.  I tend to disagree.

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The Great Turkey Drop

I know that this clip from WKRP will show my age but take a couple minutes and laugh.  Craig and I actually watched the whole episode last night and laughed so hard my stomach hurt.

(Sidenote-there is some sort of ad thing towards the end.  It isn’t from me but I couldn’t find this clip without it.)

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Thanksgiving Favorites….Kim’s Blog Party!!

Every Tuesday through Christmas Kim at Deliberate Hope  is Hosting a Blog Party.  Each week she is giving us a topic and we are writing our posts.  Make sure to check out her blog, we are all playing with Mr. Linky so you should get a wide variety of Favorite Thanksgivings to read!  Enjoy and I am praying you all have a great Thanksgiving.  Please try and remember that we really do have so much to be thankful for.  I know it is hard in these times but I know that if we all sit back and look at it we are so blessed.

One of My Favorite Thanksgivings

In 1989 I turned 21 and moved to Reno.  I went to work for a casino.  I had only lived in Reno for 2 months and it was almost Thanksgiving.  The casinos in the 80s and 90s really had great benefits and perks for their employees.  At Thanksgiving and Christmas they gave their employees frozen turkeys.

My roommate and I each got a turkey.  Neither of us had family in the area.  We had no clue what we would do with 2 turkeys.  I got to thinking about our friends.  Reno is a 24/7 town.  You have friends that work all hours of the day and night and all holidays.  A lot of them are single and don’t have family locally.  So we decided to host Thanksgiving dinner for all of our friends. 

A friend donated their turkey.  So now we had 3.  We cooked 3 separate dinners.  One for each shift, 9 am for the graveyard crews, 5 pm for normal day shift employees and the fun one at 2 am for the swing shifters.  For about 24 hours we had a rotating door of friends and even people we had never meet before coming in to eat Thanksgiving dinner.  It was so fun.  It was like having more family then the Many Meadows

The next day my roommate and I arose, tired and sore.  We found that the kitchen had been cleaned, the trash had been taken out and we actually had some bologna and cheese in the fridge for lunch.  Trust me after 3 Thanksgiving dinners in one 24 hour period, a turkey sandwich was not an option. 

Sometimes in life when you are separated from your family, you have to make your own.  If you are alone or know someone that is going to be alone this holiday season think about adding a chair to your table.

Praying that you all have a Blessed Thanksgiving!! 


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The Big Debut!


Tonight Hope had her Big Debut.  She was in the production of The Jungle Book Kids.  She was a Tree/Storyteller.  She danced like a pro and sang her heart out.  I see a Diva in the making. 

I am so proud of her.  She has worked so hard for weeks.  Never missed a rehearsal.  They rehearsed afterschool 4 days a week and all day Saturdays.  She told me tonight that she was excited to get her Saturdays back now.  I will say it again….I am SO PROUD OF HER!!!


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Snacks, Kids and an Irritated Husband

twin1mushI have two kids.  A 15 year old son, Ryan, and a 13 year old daughter, Hope.  They are a lot like most kids their age.  They sleep, EAT, go to school, EAT, come home, EAT, do homework, EAT, read/watch tv, EAT, go to bed.  So basically they do some things between EATING.  I hear that this is normal teenage behavior. 

Yes my poketbook feels it.  We wouldn’t dream of trying to skip a week of grocery shopping.  I do only go to the butcher every other week.  I get weekly deliveries to my house of organic fruits and vegetables by a company called Country Organics.  I don’t buy a lot of boxed dinners or frozen meals.  I really try and purchase food that is as close to natural as possible.  Don’t get me wrong I love fast food.  I love to eat out. 

I have been informed in the past by my children that I don’t get the “GOOD” snack food.  AKA Twinkies, HoHos, Chips Ahoy, Oreos, Brownies, Anything Little Debbie.  There are always chips and pretzels in the house.  Whereas I informed them that if the “GOOD” Snack Houses would take them in, I would help them pack.  They are still here. 

I feel as if I am the only one laughing in my house tonight.  My husband is irritated.  I don’t normally laugh about that but tonight it is funny.  Poor Craig is irritated because our daughter decided when she came home that she NEEDED to eat.  What did she chose?  What every 13 year old girl wants….Fresh Mushrooms.  The last ones in the house.  We just got a produce delivery yesterday and in the box was 4 bananas and 4 apples and Craig is irritated that we are down to 1 of each now.  Turns out that when my 15 year old made his lunch last night he took 1 of each and then this morning ate 1 of each.

I feel bad for my husband’s mood.  I really think that it started at work and then got to come home with him.  Personally I came back to my room quickly so he wouldn’t hear me chuckle and then I thanked the Lord.   What a blessing it is to have kids that love good foods.  I am going grocery shopping tomorrow to beat the Thanksgiving rush, I may just need to get those kids of mine some Twinkies.

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