I Let Other People Control My Feelings!

Do you ever give other people power over your Feelings?

I’m not talking about the authority figures in your life.  Your Spouse, Parents, Employer, Supervisor.

I am referring to the people in your life that are your “friends”, your “Been There, Done That” Aquaintence that knows everything, your Confidant that you thought you could rely on to be there for you, not just you always being there for them.

I have been quiet this week.  For a few of reasons. 

One reason is that I am getting ready to leave for Hawaii this weekend.  So that takes planning not just for Craig and I and our luggage but also for the kids and grandpa and their needs while we are gone. 

I have also been fighting one of my infamous tired/pain attacks that no doctors seems to be able to figure out.  So I take my medication and try to just smile.  ( 🙂 ) 

Another of the other reasons is I believe that my Heavenly Father has been teaching me a lesson in friendship.  I had two things happen this week that were eye openers. Covering one extreme to another. 

I had an important issue that I needed some advice on and I emailed a friend about it.  We set up a time to talk over the phone.  I called, she answered, we talked.  She made me feel like she cared.  She didn’t just mentor but she was my friend first.  We laughed, we discussed good and not so good with our children and we discussed our up coming trips with our husbands. (My trip being way better 😀 ) She also made sure to help me with what I needed advice on.  This was the Good Extreme! 

Now the other Not So Good Extreme…I believe that I have allowed a couple of people to take advantage of my friendship.  My spiritual gifting runs strong in encouragement.  I love encouraging people!  Especially Women that have low self esteem.  We are all beautiful.  God loves us all.  I think that one thing that I am suppose to do is help lift people up.  When you lift people up it ususally means that you are at the bottom of the pile.  I am ok with that most of the time but can you please take your military boots off before you stomp on me.  This week I crawled out from the bottom of the pile just slightly bruised. 

It makes me want to just keep to myself.  I use to have a saying that I don’t really use anymore but some days it is tempting…It goes like this.  “It sucks to be you” I remember when I could say that and walk away.  What a work God has done in me.  I am just not sure I will survive the bruises sometimes.

So to answer the original question……..
Do you ever give other people power over your Feelings?
YES!  I Unfortunately Have Wasted 3 Days With Hurt Feelings?
Yes Folks Theresa Has Been At The Pity Party!
(I am waiting for Cindy Beall to come pop my Balloons)

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  1. Sweety, I pray that your Father God would lay His encouragement on you during your vacation. That you would so clearly hear Him saying–‘ I’m proud of you Theresa, and I will continue to give you strength to be only who you can be. ‘
    May He overwhelmingly shower you with His love, encouragement, wisdom, and grace!!
    God bless you!

  2. 1. Who doesn’t love Starr?!

    2. I sometimes let people “shrink” me and that NEVER is a good thing in my brain.

    3. ENJOY Hawaii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Um, yeah, so I just shot a slew of arrows your way. Let me know when the balloons are totally deflated.

    The people who have power over my feelings are usually those I am closest to or those I’ve put on a pedastal.

    Enjoy Hawaii…and yes, it’s better than mine 🙂

  4. Theresa, I think we all sometimes give that power to others. But even in that, we can learn about the faithfulness of God, because He says that even if our mothers and fathers reject us, the Lord will not abandon us. He will never hurt us selfishly. He only wounds in order to heal. Fall back on him, my friend. And then enjoy Hawaii! It is awesome!

  5. I’m sorry you got hurt.

    I hope you have a wonderful trip.

  6. I only know that I’m getting better and better at not allowing others to steal my joy. Maybe it’s my age? Naw…just my experience level…haha

    So? When you’re hurt you gotta tell your friends! That’s why we’re here together 😉 Praying that your wounds are healing quickly!!

    Hawaii? Take LOTS of pictures…send a few texts…and twitter when you’re on the beach with a cool umbrella drink in hand 🙂

  7. The people who have power over my feelings are usually those I am closest to or those I’ve put on a pedastal.

    I SO amen that. I was actually just thinking that very thing today about my ownself.

    Leave it to her to pop the pity party balloons. But only she can do it in the best way ever! 😉

    I’ve been there too. I’m one of that that you referred to yourself as also. Prayin’ for you.

  8. #1) Trying not to be jealous about Hawaii CUZ I’m goin’ to ISRAEL! Ouch!
    #2) Anyone who says they’ve never bin there or dun that is just a big liar (HELLO!!)
    #3) If the person you’re encouraging is someone you’re mentoring – never tell them your issues – that’s for you to tell your mentor. (Just in case that’s the case).
    #4) I feel bad for you cuz I’m not really much of an encourager. Oh sure, I can encourage, but it sure isn’t a gift – it’s more like a stretch and I really think sometimes that I should be leaving it up to the “encouragers” to do it right. Sadly, as much as I try to be there for people I care about, I don’t do it as well as some of them – surely not over the phone. Maybe in writing – but even then. I can give a pat on the back or a little prayer, but OY! You don’t want me to try and encourage you … I might end up causing more harm than good.

    I know not everyone will agree, but sometimes, I’m just so stuck as to what to say I say the wrong thing. So howzabout I just say, “feelin’ for ya; prayin’ for ya.”

  9. ^^^^^^^^ Don’t listen to Hope!!!

    She’s one of the BEST encouragers ever…

    I’ve got a problem that maybe you can help me with??

    I have this friend that sometimes I take advantage of, not purposely because my life is full of drama right now. The drama is so intense and it includes other love ones. She would only know because I tell her. But what I forgot to tell her is how many times she lifted my heart to a level before drowning. Drowning in my fears,rejection, pride, sadness, and hurt.
    But what this friend doesn’t know is that God is doing something so powerful in her and before He comes in stuff has to puke out!!!

    Do you know if my friend has towels??

    Mostly, I want my friend to know that I love her so much… I wish I could take her pain away and I wish I could fly/drive to her and hug her for a very very long time.

    Tell her that she’s INCREDIBLE….

    Will you tell her for me… I hear she lives close.

    I love you Theresa…

  10. Correction you let people get to you and thus influence your feelings.

    You have complete control over how you think and act. You can be strong or weak. You can be moved or Unmoved.

    The Key is to BE STRONG and let the negative of people rebound off you back to them.

    BTW Im Maj hope ur well and I hope Yr well and comfy at home now.

    like they say: ” There is no place like home.”

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