Who is Your Real Boss?

Today is Boss’s Day.  I know that most of us work.  Which means we have someone that we answer to…a Boss.  We have job descriptions, company policy, safety manuals, etc.  All the fun things that go with working.  Even you girls that work at home for someone else have experienced the above mentioned things. 

So when you sit there this morning and think about it being Boss’s Day.  What comes to mind?  I have two bosses.  I have one that actually owns the company and one that is actually my daily boss.  I picked up a bottle of wine for one and gourmet cookies for the other.  I am done.  No worries for me I am not going to work in the morning empty handed.


Who has the ultimate final say as to whether you are fired or not.  If you are gifted at your job or not.  If you work full time or part time.  Where you physically work,  an office or shop or you telecommute from home?

Who is the author of the only “employee” manual that counts no matter what your position is?  Who is your HR Director, Safety Manager, Coordinator and Director all in one?  If you have a problem anywhere in life, who has the answer?  Who will look into the problem and not only get back to you but stay by your side until the issue is resolved?

The Lord is my BOSS. 

I try my hardest to make sure and keep his commands, his rules.  I start my day  with him asking for help following Him.  I check in with Him throughout the day and ask him to show me where I am needed or what task I need to do.  Before I lay my head on the pillow at night I go over my day with Him.  I thank Him for his patience with me, I am still in training.  I ask Him to help correct me in my actions before they are wrong.  I thank him for the RAISE he gave me through his son before I was even born.  To Him I come empty handed this morning.  I have nothing to give him but me…Imperfect, Broken but 100% Blessed!

Yes, the Lord is my Boss!

Keep my commands and follow them. I am the LORD.~Leviticus 22:31

Praise the LORD. Blessed is the man who fears the LORD, who finds great delight in his commands.~Psalm 112:1

I wait for your salvation, O LORD, and I follow your commands.~Psalm 119:166

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  1. It’s nice to have a boss that ALWAYS has time to talk RIGHT NOW!

  2. Thankfully, that’s all He wants…..us, all of us.

  3. Good one, T!

  4. This is so true, and so relieving. Takes a lot of pressure not only to know who is our first boss, but that he is our first father and wanting the best for us, his kids. Really great post.


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