Saturday Hodgepodge

On Saturday mornings Craig and I go to breakfast alone.  Just him and me, no kids.  We enjoy breakfast and then usually go and do whatever grocery shopping that needs to be done.  We are leaving for Hawaii in about 4 weeks.  Craig needs some shorts and most stores have them on clearance now.  After breakfast we headed to K-mart.  While Craig was trying on his choices, I was browsing the clearance rack for women.  This is what I found.

This my dear readers is a 2T/3T Wife Beater.  This my dear readers is all the proof I need that I live in a Redneck town.  I know that when you all hear I live in California you picture beautiful beaches, beautiful people, Disneyland, Wine Country….but what you get when you come to Nor Cal is Rednecks.  Oh I do love them.  Especially in the months of September and October when the only thing you hear about is HUNTING SEASON.  I do benefit from this at times.  But this piece of clothing makes me wonder whose wife is this toddler beating?  HMMMMM…..

I found a book at K-Mart that both intrigues me and also kind of scares me.  But sometimes that is what we need.  If any of you have read this book.  I would love a review.

I like the quote on the back…”Even if you don’t believe my story, I hope you will believe the Scriptures and avoid hell just the same.” Bill Wiese

The last note of the day involves us actually getting to the grocery store.  We were cruising through the store.  Craig pushes the cart, he knows that it is hard for me sometimes.  I walk around this corner and he is usually behind me, when I turned he wasn’t there.  So I back tracked around the corner and there he is playing with this….

He proceeded to tell me that is was like a kitchen loofah.  I bought it for him.  Who could resist a man who actually knows what a loofah is? 

I hope you all are having a relaxing weekend!  I am making cioppino tonight and looking forward to the Sprint cup race tomorrow at Talladega.

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  1. Cioppino and loofahs? Nothin’ redneck about those things!! 🙂

  2. Ms. T.. Loofahs is totally CA!!

  3. I’m laughing.
    Kudos to Craig!!

    Hawaii…4 weeks?! Can you even stand the wait?!

    Bahamas… 15 days.

  4. I am laughing myself silly re: your comment mentioning that N Ca is more of redneck land — my husband I and I LOVE to visit N Ca, feeling way more comfortable there than Southern. Hmmm… we must be the same people! :0) My dad’s favorite meal is milk toast… I dont bother trying to explain that to many folks because I get the “what?” look, but maybe you’ve heard of that fine dish? :0)


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