An Evening with Hope

Tuesday Night, Hope and I went to see Barlow Girl. 

I think that every Preteen girl should be required to see Barlow Girl.  Their message is awesome.  They talk about Purity, Modesty, Dating and how they don’t, Self Confidence, How it isn’t important to be in the “IN” crowd. They also discussed how they were made fun of for their beliefs.  If you have a chance to take your daughters or nieces or little sisters, I recommend it.  Hope walked out of there built up in the decisions she has been practicing.

We got to be involved with a Meet and Greet session which was really fun.  Hope got to take her picture with them and she insisted that I was in it too.  The girls were really great to talk to and the concert was wonderful. 

Hope’s shirt says “Be a Voice, Not an Echo” Barlow Girl. 

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  1. Fun! And you were right here in OK when you bought those tickets!

  2. That’s so great, and your daughter is beautiful!

  3. That’s so great! We saw them too, they were wonderful.

  4. Your daughter is gorgeous.. just like her momma!!!!

    • Great artecli, thank you again for writing.

  5. You’re such a cool mom!

  6. I love Barlow Girl.

    I agree with Hope, you are a cool mom.


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