Exercise or Torture??

Today Redding was really gorgeous.  The temp was in the 80’s and there was a very nice breeze.  Craig and I were talking about going to breakfast and then maybe taking a short walk down at the Sacramento River Trail.  I really haven’t been on the trail before and I don’t know much about it.  I learned about it today!

We started out and it was beautiful.  I noticed these manmade wooden stumps that had numbers on them.  I didn’t realize at the time that 6.2 meant miles.  I am a fat chick there is no way I would agree to walk 6.2 miles!  We walked and walked and walked.  I noticed a few more of those stump things along the way.  Finally I asked Craig what are the numbers.  That was when I was informed of the mileage.  and there was no where to get off the path.    You either turned around and went back or you continued forward.  So Forward we went.

I at one point asked Craig to call Medivac and he wouldn’t.  I at that point text messaged a couple friends and asked them too.  They encouraged me to keep going.   I really would have preferred to be airlifted out but I guess it is true what they say “NO PAIN NO GAIN” (right Robin).  I did make Craig take a picture of me  when I made it back to the car.  I still think I was tortured!

I guess he thinks that since I have the exercise ball shrine that never gets disturbed that he would try and get me more active.  I must say that I complained less then Hope did which was nice.  I also need to say that for those of you who were thinking about buying Bali style Keens sandals, they were awesome.  Not a blister or sore foot to speak of.  I was mighty impressed.  Yes, I know that when you are thinking of going on a walk you should wear tennis shoes but I prefer to wear sandals.  I was making sure that there wasn’t any false advertising were Keens are concerned.  My wonderful sandals are listed as sports sandals!  Craig say I must show you the Ball Shrine so here it is. 

I’ve got the tools I just need to start using them!! 

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  1. Am I your first wordpress commenter. Woo hoo. This is awesome. I am so so so so so proud of you. We have been flyin’ haven’t had a chance to do more wordpress surfin, but girl I am proud of you!!!

    How did you get your posts to switch over? Did you manually reenter each one, or is there some trick to an all at once switch.

    My bro in law told me about google reader – am trying to figure that out too.


  2. Ha!!

    Is this where my shell picture came from??

    Love you!!

  3. I found you! Theresa, you are beautiful! I love this picture.

  4. The scenery is so beautiful! Good job on the walk. I’m with ya on the exercise, i’ve been putting it off because I’m so busy but I’m going to attempt to workout three times this week!

  5. Even if you can’t move today, it was still worth it.

  6. Hey…and you ARE NOT a fat girl (anymore!) So, just stop!! (the fat talk, not the exercise) 🙂

    And remember, I really sent “on pain, on gain” lol….and if you think about it, that typo makes sense!

  7. Hey lady! Good job on the walk. That looks like a beautiful place.
    I’m glad to know where you will be at now.

  8. that looks like a very pretty place

  9. T,

    Just made this post celebrating your amazing tech skills! Bravo!!!



  10. I know, sometimes it’s just so hard to motivate yourself to do it. Then once you do, you feel SO good! I’ve been in that slump about exercising here lately.

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