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Saturday Robin, Natalie, Kim, Deleise and I met for tea. We went to a place called Inspirations Tea Room. It was a very cute place. They had tons of different kinds of teas, which is good since they are a tea room. πŸ™‚ We had to wait a little bit but when we finally got seated the service was very nice. We ordered our tea and our lunch and started talking. When our food came the presentaion was very nice. I noticed a piece of paper on my plate. It was a Bible verse. We all had one. That to me was such a nice touch. If you tried to do that here in California you would probably get sued. I enjoyed my verse. I picked up Deleise’s too. This is what they said.

I had such a nice relaxing time there. We laughed and talked and at one point even shed us some tears. Then we looked at our watches and realized we had been sitting there for 3 hours. That is a true sign of an awesome lunch with the girls.

The time flew by and now Robin and I needed too also. We had about a half an hour to get to the Edmond Campus (Big Cross) of Lifechurch.tv. Robin and Dirk serve as ushers during the service I was to attend.
When we got there I was introduced to some of the nicest people. While I was waiting for Cindy who I was going to sit by, I got to meet Nicole. She had a huge smile and her family was really sweet. I also got to meet and talk to Scott Rodgers. He seemed to really be having a good time. Cindy arrived and Natalie arrived and we went and sat. There I was between the Edmond Musical Geniuses. To much pressure for this lowly alto. πŸ™‚

After this service Cindy and her boys and I went to dinner. Then I got to go and spend the rest of the evening with her. It was during those hours that I got to
pick her brain and learn. I got to see her mentoring skills live and in person. I got to feel like a friend not just a commenter on her blog. We talked and talked and talked. I had already respected her prior to my trip. All I can say is that I still do. She is one of those people who’s opinion actually does matter to me but I can just BE with her too. Actually with all of these women I was able to just BE. No one made me feel inferior or like I didn’t belong. They accepted me for me, flaws and all.

Only one more full day to go before my flight home. I was starting to get sad. I missed my husband and my kids but I really would have stayed another week or so. πŸ™‚

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  1. That was a wonderful lunch, wasn’t it? And the food was good, too.

  2. Wow what an experience…

    I got to tell ya.. I would love to sit down with Cindy over some mexican food here in California, she definately is a woman whom you adore from afar. It’s the realness I suppose.

  3. It is a big cross

  4. i literally leaned up close to my computer screen to soak up that picture of the two of you.

    i was able to "just be" with Alece & Cathi. it was priceless.

    gift… yes totally!!

  5. I like Cindy too. And my church. And you.

  6. I saw a comment you left on Roll Mental Camera and thought I had to check out your blog because your comment was so witty.

    Those are great verses. Isn’t it awesome how scripture brings waves of peace to our hearts?

  7. Your recap is so warm. Makes me want to do it again.

  8. How fun!! I will have to try to meet some of the blogger queens someday!

  9. So? When are you coming back? πŸ™‚

  10. You couldn’t have taken a close up? Dang, my arms look bigger than normal.

    Love you.

  11. Theresa – it was an honor to have you hang out with us here in OKIE. Scott Rodgers

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