Gathering at Cindy’s

Friday evening had been slated for a party at Cindy Beall’s. Originally it had been planned that Mr. Beall would be grilling meat and the other guests would bring a side dish. Unfortunatley Chris had to leave town to deal with church business. So we were on our own. I was dropped off before anybody else got there. Which was wonderful. I got to have a little alone time with Cindy and her boys. I had also brought her a couple things so this gave me the chance to give them to her. It also afforded me the extra time to show her my party fork. For those of you who may have missed the amazing BFF HOW TO Video by Kim and Natalie please follow the link and get ready to laugh! I wasn’t taking any chances that Cindy might be using the same forks. I was scared of what the retaliation would be and at what cost to us innocent bystanders. In this picture you will see that my Party Fork is big compared to a regular fork. I really just wanted to make sure I didn’t misplace it.

People started arriving and I got to answer the door. It was great! It wasn’t just the women that came but their husbands and children. I would open the door and guess kids names…Boog, Goose, Monkey, Pastor JT, NATALIE!!! YAYYY and WAXY CHOCOLATE DONUTS. She also brought French Fries that Deleise’s son Garrett said were the best ever in the whole world. Natalie is a fry genius with her seasonings. Roger and Shelly showed up with their boys. Roger’s son informed us that his dad’s salsa is the best. It was mighty yummy!! Deleise and David came with all four of their toe headed children. Deleise brought this outrageously great 4 layer chocolate cake (click link for recipe)

Then I was waiting and waiting…I went to Natalie and asked “Does Kim always run late?”. For a few minutes there I thought that she had changed her mind. That she was like “Forget it I am not going, I don’t want to meet the Stalker from CA.” Then the doorbell rang, I raced to the door and there they were Kid One, Kid Two, Kim and Chad carrying Kid 3. (BTW I do know Kim and Natalie’s children’s real names)

Now the party can begin!!!

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  1. Just know that the fact we were late made my blood pressure shoot into the stratosphere…
    Your fork was fabulous!

  2. The waxy chocolate donuts were too funny

  3. And what a party it was! Complete with a hurt kid! So sad.

  4. I love the fork!!!

  5. love the party fork! love the waxy chocolate donuts! love that you got to see all those faces.

    i so totally want to hear more. i really really do. but understand that there are just some things that can’t be put into words, and other things that just shouldn’t be blogged about.

    but i SO want to hear more!

  6. I so want to hear more details

    I'm like Mandy


    blog what you can, and you know the number heheheheee….

  7. That was some sweet food!

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