Does God Laugh?

Do we do things that make our Heavenly Father Laugh?

How often do our children say or do something that makes us giggle? How often do they do something that makes you laugh so hard that we cry? (I have read that one of two of you have a problem with laughing fluids out your nose.)

I have blogged about having a reverance fear of God. A respectful fear of God. A reminder of his power.

But I have to wonder at this other side.

I want to imagine the Lord delighting in me…
In my happiness…
In my goofyness…

I just wonder if He sits on his throne, slaps his knee and belly laughs. Does he ever say “That Theresa, She cracks me up!”?

If all of our characteristics come from him…wouldn’t that cover our sense of humor too?

Do we sometimes go to the Lord only in quiet time or worship?
Do we ever get up and do the happy dance and holler YEEHAAAWWW?

Do we leave God out of the Fun?

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  1. That is such a good question!!!

  2. That’s a good post. Yes, I think he laughs at us. We’re funny people. I laugh at my kids so why wouldn’t he laugh at me?! Proverbs 15 (something or another) says a happy heart makes the face cheerful. I think that borderlines on laugh till you cry!

  3. I think he laughes all the time or he would have made us to laugh. Why wouldn;t he enjoy something that is so enjoyable

  4. I agree, I think God laughs too. I’ve got to work on including Him in those good laugh times I have.

  5. Oh, you bet! I just KNOW it! It’s one of His “medicines” 😉

  6. I’m convinced that he’s had a chuckle or fifty when we are silly.

  7. Absolutely.

  8. Absolutely!! I think that the Lord has a bigger since of humor then we give him credit for. — He is all about Joy, and really good joy produces laughter– Great Blog!

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