Blogging Friends

I have made some Blogging Friends. I am excited to have the chance to meet some of them soon. I think that when we “meet” people by blogging we get to learn about them in different ways. We get to commisserate with each other about kids, jobs, our faith, marriage, etc. We can support each other, offer wisdom, or be the one that finds the help.

I believe that I have become blogging friends with women that I may not have approached in “real” life due to my self esteem. They may be in the “IN” crowd or Ministry Leaders spouses or have tight BFF relationships that appear not to have room for others. But by blogging I have found that they do accept me for me. They offer me support, they laugh with me, they pray for me, they offer me advice on teenagers. BUT NOW I need to meet some. I need to get hugs and finish forging the relationship. I really need to sit with them and laugh!!

I may only get to meet them once but I will still be a part of their lives and them mine if we chose to stay in touch. I love these people, my blogging friends.

They aren’t my imaginary friends….They are my God supplied far away friends! God made sure we met in a way that would tighten our bond prior to the stereotypes interferring with His work.
I have been really really blessed by Him in this aspect.

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  1. Hey! I think I’m one of the “IN” crowd. Yep…that’s me! hahaha

    You’ll see when you get here….I’m just Robin. 😉

    It’ll be fun!!

  2. I just wrote a post about BFFs for later this week…You’re a blogging BFF.

    Can’t wait to see ya!

  3. I’m so glad you are my bloggin’- buddy-soon-to-be-IRL buddy!

  4. OH, I’m so in the IN crowd…in my mind anyway! Can’t wait!

  5. Can’t wait!

  6. You are honestly a person who I would give my left foot to have in my day to day life. I love your ourtlook and your positive spirit. I am blessed to have you be one of my blogging friends and thank God for you daily.

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