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Saturday Robin, Natalie, Kim, Deleise and I met for tea. We went to a place called Inspirations Tea Room. It was a very cute place. They had tons of different kinds of teas, which is good since they are a tea room. 🙂 We had to wait a little bit but when we finally got seated the service was very nice. We ordered our tea and our lunch and started talking. When our food came the presentaion was very nice. I noticed a piece of paper on my plate. It was a Bible verse. We all had one. That to me was such a nice touch. If you tried to do that here in California you would probably get sued. I enjoyed my verse. I picked up Deleise’s too. This is what they said.

I had such a nice relaxing time there. We laughed and talked and at one point even shed us some tears. Then we looked at our watches and realized we had been sitting there for 3 hours. That is a true sign of an awesome lunch with the girls.

The time flew by and now Robin and I needed too also. We had about a half an hour to get to the Edmond Campus (Big Cross) of Lifechurch.tv. Robin and Dirk serve as ushers during the service I was to attend.
When we got there I was introduced to some of the nicest people. While I was waiting for Cindy who I was going to sit by, I got to meet Nicole. She had a huge smile and her family was really sweet. I also got to meet and talk to Scott Rodgers. He seemed to really be having a good time. Cindy arrived and Natalie arrived and we went and sat. There I was between the Edmond Musical Geniuses. To much pressure for this lowly alto. 🙂

After this service Cindy and her boys and I went to dinner. Then I got to go and spend the rest of the evening with her. It was during those hours that I got to
pick her brain and learn. I got to see her mentoring skills live and in person. I got to feel like a friend not just a commenter on her blog. We talked and talked and talked. I had already respected her prior to my trip. All I can say is that I still do. She is one of those people who’s opinion actually does matter to me but I can just BE with her too. Actually with all of these women I was able to just BE. No one made me feel inferior or like I didn’t belong. They accepted me for me, flaws and all.

Only one more full day to go before my flight home. I was starting to get sad. I missed my husband and my kids but I really would have stayed another week or so. 🙂

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Now The Party Can Begin!!!

Now that everybody was there.

(Except for Amy and Susan, who were going to try and come from Austin, Texas. They had car trouble and didn’t make it.)

The Party could really start!!

There were 14 kids that belonged to people in the house and I believe a few extra from around the neighborhood. Everywhere you looked there were kids playing. They were outside, upstairs in the bonus room and across into other people’s backyards. They all got along well. Rogers son had a mishap later in the evening when he fell out of a tree. No broken bones just mighty painful. Luckily with that many kids, that was the only incident.

The kids out numbered us by 2. What was kind of sad was that we were all having such a good time that we really didn’t get that many pictures. I took a couple and Natalie took some. In the picture above you find 3.5 husbands Dirk, Pastor JT, Chad and then David is the one that I cut in half. The baby in the grass is Kid 3 belonging to Kim and Chad. If you look closely through the window behind the guys you will see the TV is on. I believe that got turned on so that when Michael Phelps swam we could all cheer. Mr. Beall did some serious outdoor surround wiring. It was sweet! Also notice all of the red solo cups on the outdoor table. Mrs. Beall even had her sharpie out to write names on the cups. She is such a good hostess. One thing that I had forgotten to mention was that Cindy had already driven to Dallas and back that day. She was a little tired.

We all ate potluck style. Some inside, some outside. Cindy led us all in prayer. It was a great time of conversation and laughing. When I sat back and looked at everybody. The kids interacting, the adults all gabbing, it was hard to believe that some of these people were just as new in the house as I was. There was such a feeling of fellowship and fun.

At one point us girls must have had a pow wow. Not sure what it was about but we seem to be in deep conversation. I really felt like I had known these ladies forever. I know that I haven’t mentioned Roger much but he was there and he was part of the evening. He is just as funny in person as he is in his blog. He was funny when he posed for the above picture, being the only male. His wife Shelly fit right in with all of us and Roger seemed to fit right in with the guys. It really was an amazing evening. I don’t normally share what I write in my journal but I am going to for the second time this week. When I looked back at what I wrote I asked God,
Did you see us tonight? Did you see us all joined together through you?
It was through God that I found these wonderful people. It was little steps along the way that brought me to this place. I would never have thought what a profound affect watching my first message on the internet from Lifechurch.tv would have on me. Where deciding to read my pastor’s blog would lead me. What a crazy button on a side bar would do to my life.

Mandy wrote this in one of her comments and it basically sums it all up for me. the word gift – you keep using it – but it’s the best word to describe it all!

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Gathering at Cindy’s

Friday evening had been slated for a party at Cindy Beall’s. Originally it had been planned that Mr. Beall would be grilling meat and the other guests would bring a side dish. Unfortunatley Chris had to leave town to deal with church business. So we were on our own. I was dropped off before anybody else got there. Which was wonderful. I got to have a little alone time with Cindy and her boys. I had also brought her a couple things so this gave me the chance to give them to her. It also afforded me the extra time to show her my party fork. For those of you who may have missed the amazing BFF HOW TO Video by Kim and Natalie please follow the link and get ready to laugh! I wasn’t taking any chances that Cindy might be using the same forks. I was scared of what the retaliation would be and at what cost to us innocent bystanders. In this picture you will see that my Party Fork is big compared to a regular fork. I really just wanted to make sure I didn’t misplace it.

People started arriving and I got to answer the door. It was great! It wasn’t just the women that came but their husbands and children. I would open the door and guess kids names…Boog, Goose, Monkey, Pastor JT, NATALIE!!! YAYYY and WAXY CHOCOLATE DONUTS. She also brought French Fries that Deleise’s son Garrett said were the best ever in the whole world. Natalie is a fry genius with her seasonings. Roger and Shelly showed up with their boys. Roger’s son informed us that his dad’s salsa is the best. It was mighty yummy!! Deleise and David came with all four of their toe headed children. Deleise brought this outrageously great 4 layer chocolate cake (click link for recipe)

Then I was waiting and waiting…I went to Natalie and asked “Does Kim always run late?”. For a few minutes there I thought that she had changed her mind. That she was like “Forget it I am not going, I don’t want to meet the Stalker from CA.” Then the doorbell rang, I raced to the door and there they were Kid One, Kid Two, Kim and Chad carrying Kid 3. (BTW I do know Kim and Natalie’s children’s real names)

Now the party can begin!!!

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Bricktown/Bombing Memorial

Friday Morning I was a little slow moving. There is a 2 hour time difference. I will use it as an excuse but basically I was tired. I also wanted to be near my computer at 11 am OK time because Barlow Girl tickets were going on sale here in Redding then. So I got showered and moving. I wanted to go to the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial while I was there. Robin had decided that Friday was a good time to do that so after I bought my tickets online we left.

We decided to have lunch at a rib place. It is called Earl’s Rib Palace. I had a wonderful sandwich. They have curly fries. Not the kind that have a coating of seasoning but just potatoes that are curly fries. They were wonderful. I ate every single one of them. I also decided at that moment that I was not going to worry about my WW points while I was there. I was going to try and be careful but I wasn’t going to beat myself up about it either.

After lunch we walked around in Bricktown. They have made a cute little river that runs through that area. They also have some amazing sculpture there. There is appearently over 100 more pieces that will be installed as they are completed. The sculpture depicts a wagon train and it is life size. I enjoyed seeing this. It is beautiful. You can see that alot of work has been done to revitalize this area.

We headed to the Oklahoma City National Memorial. The outside memorial was peaceful. The three story museum was not. The museum is amazing for the artifacts that it shows. It is put together wonderfully, with great care and respect. It is very hard to deal with some of the stuff you see and the stories you hear. I don’t believe that it is any less sad when adults are killed then children. It is just a little more chilling. I asked Robin What makes someone wake up and say “Today I am going to go blow up a building”. I just can’t grasp it in my mind.
This is the interior of the arch you walk through. It says 9:01. That is the time the bomb went off. There is a statue across the street that is Jesus weeping with his back to the memorial.

The exterior of this arch says;




The last line on the wall is “God Demands It!”

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Many Meadows/My First Day

Many Meadows is beautiful. It is green. It is family! It is lived in! There is tons of LOVE. I felt more welcome then you could imagine. Their property is wonderful. Chiggers and all. 🙂 It was wonderful to see family just come over. I loved the daily visits from Mister Kaden and Mister Will. Seen here tag teaming me on my last night.
The Meadows Family including all of the children’s spouses and children’s children, which are known as the grands, are wonderful people. By the time I left I had only missed meeting two beautiful grand girls, one of the girl’s husbands and an adopted daughter that I had heard alot about.

As I look back at my journal entry for the day, I found this statement. God you have led me here, cleared my path and created a peace in me. I am not suffering my normal anxiety at meeting new people. That is so important to me. I have huge issues with meeting new people. Sounds strange as I was the one that jumped on a plane and went half way across the country. I truly feel that God led me to go, He wanted me to meet these amazing people.

I was picked up at the Airport by Robin and Dirk. I arrived in OKC late in the afternoon. I got to talk to Natalie on the phone as we were driving. Dirk took us ladies to Sonic for something to drink. As stated earlier I have never heard of a double chocolate Dr. Pepper. I had a regular Ice Tea. We continued to their beautiful home. Where I was shown to my room which was beautiful. I had the nicest Welcome Basket from the Girls on the bed. It had cards, toiletries, magazines, mints and even a frame with a designer stick figure drawing by Cindy Beall! I bet y’all didn’t realize what a great artist she is. I will treasure my original Beall for years and years.

That evening I went with Dirk and Robin to Switch Leadership training that was being given by Anna Meadows. I have been in leadership training before, this was amazing to watch from the sidelines. Anna has a great energy that is contagious. There were about 30 people present and a nice italian dinner was served buffet style. After we all ate they got started. It was refreshing to see the mold of training broken and some new things taking place. As important as it is that leaders learn all the rules. For a good part of this training it was evident that the importance was for the leaders to feel comfortable with eachother, to build relationships that fostered trust. I can see why Robin and Dirk are so proud of her. Anna carries herself well and covered the required boring information quickly and precisely.

As the training session was coming to an end the most amazing lightning storm started and the rain started to pour. As we drove home we could see lightning on both sides of the freeway touching the ground. It was bright and beautiful. What a way to end my first day.

Friday was going to be busy. I was going to get to meet all the rest of the people I came to see. I was a little nervous but more excited then anything. The Lord spoke to my heart telling me it was only going to get better.

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