The Fence

This last January we had a big storm and it blew down about 100 feet of wooden fence. No one has been in a real hurry to fix it. That is the side of the house with the “good” neighbors. The time has come though to get it fixed. I personally am tired of looking at orange plastic temp fence.

Craig has been getting estimates for all kinds of fencing. Mel and Craig haven’t been able to agree on what kind of fencing to get. Craig wanted to replace it with wood. Mel wants chain link. Craig wants the privacy that wood offers and Mel wants the price break that chain link offers. Ben the next door neighbor doesn’t care which product is used “Just let me know what I owe Ya”.

My personal opinion is that I prefer wood. I am a fat chick that likes to not be stared at in my bathing suit when I go swimming. I am not real fond of chain link but if you get the kind with the slats I will be somewhat satisfied.

This got me to thinking about the fence that I have erected around my heart. Is this fence made of wood so that nobody can guess what is in there? Are there slats in the Chain Link so if you stand there with your face pressed to it and one eye at an opening you can see little pieces of who I am but never the whole picture? Or is the fence that surrounds my heart Chain Link open for all to see everything but still a blockade so that you can’t touch it or hurt it?

A Wooden Fence can’t withstand the wind.
A Chain Link Fence with Slats only shows you part of the picture.
A Chain Link Fence lets you see the picture but you can’t participate in it.

Through the years of dealing with garbage that had been filling my life, I hope that if there is still a fence around my heart it is a Chain Link one that is only 3 feet high. But most of all I pray that it continues to get smaller everyday and that people around me not only can see Christ in me but can feel him and desire him also!

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  1. I like that mental picture. Thanks.

  2. That is so good, Theresa. Very thought provoking post.

  3. I think it’s coming down….

  4. Great thoughts!!

  5. I thought I was reading one of my own. Great mental camera

  6. Amazing post!!! Now stop peeking!!!

    I can see you looking at me!!!

    This was so my life.

  7. God says guard your heart. I have a fence around mine, but it surely has a door. You don’t come across as “fenced in” to me.

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