Two Weeks

I am really excited. Two weeks from today I will be getting on a plane. I only have to wait TWO more weeks!!

I am looking forward to meeting everyone.

I am looking forward to the adventure of going to a new place.

So if anybody has great travel advice let me hear it!

If anybody has great Oklahoma advice PLEASE let me hear it!

If anyone has anything that they think they would like me to bring them from California, Please let me know!

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Friends and Laughing

I got to spend the weekend with one of my favoritest bestest friends in the world. She came up to the smoke zone, sniffling and coughing just to see me. She says she has missed me. I know that I have missed her. I haven’t seen her for almost 2 months but we have had to go up to a year in the past without getting to see eachother.

Lenore and I met in 1982. She is the most amazing person. I am so blessed to have her in my life. We have stood up for each other at weddings, comforted each other at the passing of grandparents, celebrated the birth of children. It was fun sitting around and laughing about the cars we have owned and what we had done in them. We talked about when we went to see Bon Jovi, in 1988. We laughed about some ex-boyfriends both ours and her mothers and the fact that my mom never dated. Mostly we just laughed and laughed and laughed. Lenore and I seem to be able to pick up like we saw each other yesterday. Like no time has passed.

Do you have friends that are like that?
Do you have friends that are closer than family?
Do you have friends that make you laugh and laugh?

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The Fence

This last January we had a big storm and it blew down about 100 feet of wooden fence. No one has been in a real hurry to fix it. That is the side of the house with the “good” neighbors. The time has come though to get it fixed. I personally am tired of looking at orange plastic temp fence.

Craig has been getting estimates for all kinds of fencing. Mel and Craig haven’t been able to agree on what kind of fencing to get. Craig wanted to replace it with wood. Mel wants chain link. Craig wants the privacy that wood offers and Mel wants the price break that chain link offers. Ben the next door neighbor doesn’t care which product is used “Just let me know what I owe Ya”.

My personal opinion is that I prefer wood. I am a fat chick that likes to not be stared at in my bathing suit when I go swimming. I am not real fond of chain link but if you get the kind with the slats I will be somewhat satisfied.

This got me to thinking about the fence that I have erected around my heart. Is this fence made of wood so that nobody can guess what is in there? Are there slats in the Chain Link so if you stand there with your face pressed to it and one eye at an opening you can see little pieces of who I am but never the whole picture? Or is the fence that surrounds my heart Chain Link open for all to see everything but still a blockade so that you can’t touch it or hurt it?

A Wooden Fence can’t withstand the wind.
A Chain Link Fence with Slats only shows you part of the picture.
A Chain Link Fence lets you see the picture but you can’t participate in it.

Through the years of dealing with garbage that had been filling my life, I hope that if there is still a fence around my heart it is a Chain Link one that is only 3 feet high. But most of all I pray that it continues to get smaller everyday and that people around me not only can see Christ in me but can feel him and desire him also!

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Hope and Her New Dream

Once a year I become the only girl in my household. My daughter goes to camp at Alliance Redwoods. This is where she asked Jesus into her heart last year.

It has been a hard couple of weeks with Hope. She has decided that she wants to follow a path in her life that her father doesn’t support. I personally am not real pleased with it either but I handle things differently than Craig. Craig is one that just says no. I am one that wants her to try and find out for herself that it isn’t as wonderful as she thought it would be. My sweet little girl wants to be an actress. I am not sure where this desire has come from. I think that she likes Zac Ephron a little too much and thinks that if she is an actress then they can get married. How many little girls do you know that want to be actresses?

I think what bothers me the most about her announcement is that in the last month I have noticed that she is drifting further and further away from her youth group and her desire to be involved. She is shy and has decided that her brother is the chosen favorite child. Which is the furthest thing from the truth. Hope is one of the few people that I never tire of being with. To be perfectly honest if you lined up the people in my house and said to me that I had to pick someone, take them and leave forever. I choose Hope. She is such a special soul.

My prayer this week is that Jesus reminds her of who she is in him. That she remembers that she is his princess. That she remembers that she is always my Chosen One. But way before that she was His Chosen One!!

If you have extra room in your prayer list please add my peanut. I can’t imagine her losing her faith at 13.

Thanks for listening to a trouble mother. I miss her already and she has only been gone 8 hours!!

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Cover Charge

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