The Answering Voice

We kneel to pray – we voice our desperate need
For quick release and comfort, then arise,
Not tarrying a moment there to heed
The answer to our eager clamoring cries:
The answer that will come, though soon or late,
If we would only listen, only wait.

God is not deaf to any earnest prayer.
He hears, he heeds, he answers every one
Who gives a burden over to his care,
And humbly yielded, prays, “Thy will be done.”
God grant us patient grace to wait thy word
After our earnest sincere prayer is heard.

Oh, if men would listen as they seek,
Out of the silence God’s clear voice would speak!
–Grace Noll Crowell

I know that I need to slow down and listen for God’s voice to answer!

This poem is on a postcard that was sent to my grandmother.
It is postmarked August 13, 1953.

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  1. He is the same, yesterday,today and forever! Yay!!

  2. very cool,
    hope you are not burning up (literally)

  3. That’s great.

    Ditto’s with Roger

  4. whoa and amen….

    What beautiful words….

    Love ya girl!!!

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