Friday Outing

It is officially 12:01 am PST Friday morning. I am about 150 miles away from home. So I that qualifies this as a Friday Outing. Most of this outing took place on Thursday.

Craig and I both got off work at noon. We meet at home, changed clothes, grabbed the camera and my laptop and ran out the door before anybody figured out we were home. Actually we had made arrangements for the kids to be taken care of. I am too much of a pre-planner to not have details taken care of. This excursion I felt as if I was flying by the seat of my pants because aside from one very small portion of our trip I took no directions. I usually have the directions from my house to the first stop, from the first stop to the second stop and so on….

Craig is folicaly challenged . He has been the entire time I have known him, 18 years. I have seen pictures of him with hair and I think he is better without it. I’m just saying (That was for you Cindy). A few months ago he had seen a hat at a store in Chico that he really liked. So he wanted to go back and see if they still had it. This is where women rock. We wouldn’t have taken the chance of it not being there, we would have just bought it. So we drive the hour or so in search of this elusive Giants hat. (I have attempted to buy it online and it is discontinued) Sad to say they didn’t still have the hat.

We decide to get some lunch and as some of you know I have been doing weight watchers and have been successful with it lately. Today was my spoil myself day! I had DOUBLE FRIED French Fries!! They were so good!!! (Robin, I only ate half the order. I couldn’t bring myself to eat them all.) Chico is a college town so I had a great time people watching. We wandered the shops which are very cute.

We hit the road and headed south for another hour and a half and ended up in Roseville, CA. Roseville is a suburb of Sacramento. I love concerts and I am one of those people that stalk the ticket sites before they go on sale. I make sure I have a seating plan printed out. I make sure that if I have to have a presale code I have it. Concerts are one of my most favoritest things in the world!!!! This time I wasn’t going to miss out either. This group has been on the top of my must see list. So on March 17, 2008 at 10am I was sitting at my computer waiting for tickets to go on sale. As soon as they went on sale I clicked and bought the best I could! 3 Tickets, 2nd Row, Center!!! I texted my girlfriend, Lenore, and we started planning. We were going to Casting Crowns!!!! My husband had a date with 2 of his most favorite ladies! My wonderful husband is driving me the 170 miles home tonight so that we can both get up and be to work in just a few hours. Lenore lives an hour south of Sacramento. So she is on her way in the opposite direction. That part of the evening sucks. We have been friends since school. I wish we lived closer.

The concert was held at Adventure Christian Church. It is big and holds probably about 3500 people. They host great concerts. I have made the trek a few times to see great performers like Jeremy Camp, Third Day, David Crowder, Kutless, and many others. They sit high on a hill that overlooks the valley. For being in the Sacramento area it is actually quite breathtaking in an unexpected way. We are blessed to have K-LOVE and AIR-1 both based out of Rocklin which is right there. They really strive to get good shows for us.

Have a Great Weekend!

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  1. Fun!

    It won’t be long and you won’t even CARE about those french fries! It’ll happen. I’m just sayin’….. 😉

  2. Looks like fun! I’m glad you got to get away. Hey, have you looked on ebay for his hat? Ebay always pulls through on elusive stuff like that.

  3. Wow! Are you ever adventurous and spontaneous. I’m jealous. No I’m not really. People like you scare me just a little. I’m so glad you had fun! And bald is beautiful isn’t it!?

  4. So….

    if you’ll drive miles to go to a concert… will you drive miles to get tacos her in SD?

    Oh that would make Hope so Jealous Miss T!!

    Love you!!

  5. Sounds like so much fun. Wish I was there with you, without the crutches of course 🙂

  6. jeez lucky…

    good pics

  7. Oh how fun?!!!!

    Your friend looks like my Aunt…

  8. oh so fantastic I am green!!! I found out they are playing a gig on Saturday night 6hrs from my home and we totally would have made the trek if I wasnt scheduled to work an unchangeable shift 😦

    They are playing a a high school in some teensy town in Ontario Canada, HUH ?!! Can you believe that? HOW did that happen?!!!!

  9. My parents just got to see them. I’m still trying to get over my non invitation.
    Looks like you all had a blast. Way to be!

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