My daughter is 12. She spends the night at other people’s houses and girls spend the night here. Most of the girls I have known since Hope was in the 2nd grade. That was when we moved here to Redding. Some of them went to other elementary schools but now go to the same Junior High. A few of them are just new to the area.

My daughter doesn’t go and spend the night anywhere without either Craig or I knowing where the house is, a home phone number, a cell number for both a parent and the child if they have one and a basic walk through of the common areas of the house. We aren’t looking to see if you are a slob. We are making sure that there is RESPONSIBLE ADULT SUPERVISION. Trust me if you are an adult it doesn’t necessarily mean you are responsible.

It amazes me how many times Hope has asked us if someone can spend the night and we have said yes. We are expecting to at least talk to parents on the phone. BUT NO they show up out front slow down enough so they can throw their child out of their car without injury and then speed off.

Sunday Hope had asked if a girl could spend the night. She said that she had moved to Redding about two weeks ago and she is really nice. Craig and I told her Yes. So imagine my surprise when my husband and I were watching some sports and Hope comes in and says Melissa is here and her dad wants to meet you. I about fell over right there. Craig and I went out happily and met her father and her little sister he asked a couple questions actually told us when he would like to pick her up the next day and made sure we had his phone number. God bless this man!!!!!

What is going on with people in this generation? Is this normal to just kick our kids to the curb? Do we really not cherish our children? I can’t imagine just leaving Hope or Ryan somewhere and not know anybody at the house. I guess I am confused, maybe this is just a California thing. Personally it is really troubling.

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  1. I am so with you on this post.
    I don’t think its a California thing, i think people are just so busy, including with our kids.

    very sad.

  2. It’s not a CA thing, I agree.

    It’s everywhere! My kids can’t go in anyone’s house if I don’t KNOW their parents (and even then it’s questionable!). I’m surprised at the number of kids who don’t have that kind of supervision. Maybe that’s why my neighbor kids always end up here.. They must sense I have some boundaries…

  3. I agree….and it still holds when they are teens!

  4. I agree with you on this. Noah can only sleepover if I know the parents fairly well. AND, we are so mean that we will not allow Noah to get on the internet at anyone’s house but ours since our computer is out in the open.

    Gotta protect those babies.

  5. You’re a responsible parent, too bad there aren’t many more like you. My 16 year old son when out Friday night saying he’d not be back late. How dare I ask, what time, where are you going and who’s gonna be there! He thinks I’m a worry wart. He thinks nobody would kidnap a 200 pound teenager. Has he watched the news lately? NOT! Good for you Theresa!

  6. Crazy, isn’t it????? It’s not a cali thing, unfortunately. We have a very small handful of friends we allow our kids to sleep over with. It’s just too scary to be worth the risk.

  7. Nope…ditto.

  8. I have honestly considered letting it slip that I am a crackhead to see if any of the parents in my neighborhood might at least stop by to see where their children are all day.
    I wonder often if the parents are just really trusting, or if they don’t care.

  9. I’m not a crackhead, but the way.
    Your kids are just fine at Miss Amy’s.

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