Hope’s Bad Day

Robin is covering some behavior and discipline issues this week on her blog. The timing is perfect.

My sweet daughter Hope got herself into a situation at school on Tuesday. It was very hard for me to not step in and “fix it” or whisk her away from the turmoil. I was at work and I received a text message from Hope. She wanted me to come and pick her up at school. I asked her “When and Why?” It was only 9 am. I was really confused. She sent me another text message explaining that yesterday (Monday) she told (aka tattled) on the “most popular” boy in 7th grade because he flipped off the math teacher behind her back. So this boy ended up getting suspended from the math class and his parents grounded him for 6 months. So when she got to school Tuesday it all started. The other kids at the school had started calling her names and basically were just being mean to her. She kept texting me, begging me to come and get her. Craig and I talked about it and we didn’t think that was the best thing to do. If she would have gone home then they would have just had something else to tease her about the next day.

It broke my heart. I never want to see my kids get picked on or be upset. I mean I am a mommy I want to protect them from the bad stuff. I also felt that Hope needed to learn to deal with the ramifications of her actions. I am not saying that what she did is wrong but she needs to know the consequences to her actions. I did pick her up when school was over and I brought her the biggest chocolate shake with whip cream I could find. She looked so strong when she walked up to the car, I was proud of her. Her head was held high and her back was straight. As we drove down the street I asked her what really happened and it all came flowing out…the story and the tears. She had made it all day without tears. My peanut is so strong!!

When she went to school today the kids pretty much left her alone and things are basically back to normal. I also think that she learned a lesson about weighing the pros and cons of a situation.

I wonder how many times I have put God in the same position. How many times have I done something and then begged him to deliver me from it? How many times have I not really thought something through knowing that God was on my side and could make everything ok?

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  1. Oh the ol’ “take the law into our own hands” trick? I never do that with God… yeah, right! Chocolate shake – such a terrific mom.

    AND I LOVE YOUR NEW LOOK! IT’S AWESOME. Can’t wait to see mine…(wink, wink)

  2. Now Theresa. You just did an amazing job of taking an everyday situation and turning it into something spiritual. Very nice.

  3. Oh, poor Hope. And you! Those things are hard. You did good.

    Love the new look!!!!

  4. Good job. Is it really so bad that she told on him for flipping off his teacher? Hard no matter which way it went down.

  5. So hard to let them suffer when you know you can fix it but sometimes it just has to be done.

    Great new look

  6. It’s so tough when our kids have to learn lessons. I’ve learned so many that I’m used to giving my head a shake now and then but when my kids are in the situation it feels as if my heart is being ripped out. You’re a good mom!
    By the way, gotta say this, I know I already said how much I love your new “look”. But listen to this! While I was reading the first paragraph or two of your post a bright light was shining in my eye, making it difficult to read. I closed the curtain. It wasn’t the curtain, it was the sun in your banner!!! WAY TOO COOL!

  7. Poor Hope. Life lessons are TOUGH! You loved her through it!! Her lesson learned? Who knows? But, she’ll always remember that you were there for her.

  8. Oh how you handle this sooooo right. SO right….. even down to the chocolate shake. Hope learned a valuable tidbit of life. But what she did was brave and honest. Unfortunately, some times the brave and honest have to reap the consequences too.

    love ya

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