I knew it was coming. Matt Lauer just warned me the other morning. He said that gas would be $4.00 a gallon before we knew it. I swear honest engine this gas station was selling regular unleaded for $3.99 yesterday. Why did Matt Lauer have to go and tell them too?

I am not even near the Bay Area or Los Angeles. It is more than likely even higher in those places. So all I could think of to say was OUCH and Thankfully my little car gets really good gas mileage!

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  1. Ouch is right! We’re still around 3.70 for the highest (at least yesterday).

  2. That Matt…always messing things up.

    I need a scooter with a baby-sidecar.

  3. Ouch can’t wait to see it hit that here. Just in time for summer outings

  4. 3.89 this morning in San Diego!!!

    Hey T sis you rock!!

  5. Something’s gotta give. And unfortunately, it’s my going anywhere with the boys this summer. I might be able to afford the gas to Robin’s house for a swim, but that’s it!

    Oh, I did fill up $3.59 a gallon at the 7-11 on May and 164th in OKC, if anyone is in the area 🙂 Theresa? You there?

  6. $4.73 per gallon in Ottawa, Canada today. That’s 1.25 per litre. OY! Bus is looking better everyday, but I’m just not there yet.

    Theresa, I absolutely love the new look of your blog. It’s beautiful. 🙂

  7. dude

  8. Ugh,I know. And I drive an Expedition.

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