Project Update!

I figure since I am blessd enough to have a group of people that tell me how beautiful I am and that “I do have ridiculously skinny friends.” (Thank you Deleise, I have a special place in my heart for you!!!) I figured I owed you all an update. As of today I have lost……..7 whole pounds and 2 ounces!!!

Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement! I really do love you all!!

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  1. Fire up Theresa! Congratulations!!

    By the way, we were on tornado watch again this afternoon…we had shoes on and our flashlights ready to go into “hiding” — Actually it was closer to Nat than me…we’re about 4-5 miles apart.

  2. That is so exciting! I am setting aside my envy to rejoice with you. Way to go!

  3. Man I need to do that, Speedo season is fast approaching.

    TOTALLY KIDDING on the speedo part

  4. That’s a whole new born! What a great way to start! Roger’s joking about the speedo right? OY!

  5. Roger speedo’s, like Hope said OY!!

    Hey… You are DOING AWESOME…

    Keep it up girl!!! You can do it!!

  6. So, so proud of you!

  7. Thanks all for your encouragement. UMMMM Roger…I really didn’t need the speedo vision. Especially after the rip in your pants this week. You are truly my OK Blues Chaser!!

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