OK God, I Hear You!!!

I started developing at an early age. I was the only girl in the 5th grade to wear a bra. A real bra, not a trainer(Sorry Guys). By the time I was in the 7th grade I was the same cup size that I am now. It hasn’t mattered if I have been 150 lbs or 230 lbs they are the same size.

Needless to say my chest area has always been of interest to the opposite sex. I am no Dolly Parton but they can be hard to miss. Once in a while I purchase a shirt that the neckline is a little low or after washing it just isn’t right. I don’t think that they quality control necklines on shirts from Bangladesh. I think we should have a massive recall!! I’m sorry let me get to the point.

I have a white shirt. It is a fairly recent purchase. It is actually the one I am wearing in the picture a couple posts back. It is a V-Neck with embroidery around the neckline. I really like that shirt. I love white shirts and I prefer a V-Neck. I wore that shirt to work today. I was going about my morning, doing payroll and I kept looking down. And can you guess what I kept seeing???? I kept seeing all the way down my shirt to my lap. then I would hear someone whisper in my ear… Do you really want everybody to see all of you? Then I would do so some more of my task and I would look down and see the same thing and hear the voice tell me that I need a camisole. This went on all morning.

I get off at noon on Thursdays and I came home and had lunch with my husband. He though I was crazy when I told him what I had kept hearing. Then I came in the bedroom and put on a camisole and he realized that my shirt was really low cut.

I remember that I read a blog recently about modesty and covering up. I think it was on Natalie’s or Cindy’s but I couldn’t find it when I looked for it.

I know the voice was God. He was reminding me that I am his child and he really would appreciate it if his children didn’t dress that way. Just the same way I patrol Hope when she goes out.

OK God, I Hear You!!!!! Thanks for loving me and caring about me!!

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My daughter is 12. She spends the night at other people’s houses and girls spend the night here. Most of the girls I have known since Hope was in the 2nd grade. That was when we moved here to Redding. Some of them went to other elementary schools but now go to the same Junior High. A few of them are just new to the area.

My daughter doesn’t go and spend the night anywhere without either Craig or I knowing where the house is, a home phone number, a cell number for both a parent and the child if they have one and a basic walk through of the common areas of the house. We aren’t looking to see if you are a slob. We are making sure that there is RESPONSIBLE ADULT SUPERVISION. Trust me if you are an adult it doesn’t necessarily mean you are responsible.

It amazes me how many times Hope has asked us if someone can spend the night and we have said yes. We are expecting to at least talk to parents on the phone. BUT NO they show up out front slow down enough so they can throw their child out of their car without injury and then speed off.

Sunday Hope had asked if a girl could spend the night. She said that she had moved to Redding about two weeks ago and she is really nice. Craig and I told her Yes. So imagine my surprise when my husband and I were watching some sports and Hope comes in and says Melissa is here and her dad wants to meet you. I about fell over right there. Craig and I went out happily and met her father and her little sister he asked a couple questions actually told us when he would like to pick her up the next day and made sure we had his phone number. God bless this man!!!!!

What is going on with people in this generation? Is this normal to just kick our kids to the curb? Do we really not cherish our children? I can’t imagine just leaving Hope or Ryan somewhere and not know anybody at the house. I guess I am confused, maybe this is just a California thing. Personally it is really troubling.

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I call it My Project or NMFAPIMWLC

I joined His Life For Mine and a group of her friends and ministry leaders in their weight loss challenge. She decided that Mondays would be her update day. I figured I would join her with that as well.

I have still been sticking with counting my Weight Watchers Points. I absolutely love this program. I find it very easy and I love the fact that it is teaching me to eat regular food instead of expensive, prepackaged, preservative filled, microwave stuff like some other programs.

I really need to kick start the fitness part of the program. I have started doing little things like taking the stairs and taking my shopping cart all the way back to the store as well as parking further from the entrance. In a couple weeks the water fitness classes start at the community pool. I can’t wait for that. I am also using it as an excuse to do nothing now. Hey at least I admit my short comings. 🙂

I am enclosing two pictures one is from March 29 the other is from today May 25. The best thing about the today picture is the pants I am wearing have not graced my body for over a year and I can actually sit comfortably in them.

228 pounds About 2 weeks before I joined Weight Watchers 210 pounds standing in my backyeard.

For those of you curious NMFAPIMWLC Stands For

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Memorial Day

I want to take a moment and thank our troops and their families. I want to tell them that I appreciate their sacrifice to secure the freedom that my family experiences. You are all in my thoughts and prayer regularly.

Please take some time this weekend to thank a Veteran, an Active Duty Soldier or take a moment to remember our fallen soldiers. Our Heavenly Father has blessed us and this country.

I pray for you all to have a wonderful time with your families this weekend.

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Country Organics

About 3 years ago I was leaving my house in the middle of the day. This was strange for me because I was usually at work. As I was backing out a my driveway I noticed this guy coming out of my neighbors garage. I didn’t recognize him so I asked him if I could help him with anything. He said that every week he delivered fresh organic produce to my neighbors. That sounded interesting to me so I asked him for some information.

I am not like most women. I really am not that fond of shopping. Grocery shopping is my least favorite. The produce aisle is my very least favorite. So while most people that sign up for this service do so because it is organic. I signed up because I would no longer have to set foot into the produce department.

Soon after I started receiving my box the owners sold. The new owners have since become really good friends of mine. They have 4 beautiful children. They are a wonderful Christ following family. They home school their beautiful children. They pray for me all the time. I love them. So if you want to check out their services head on over to their website Country Organics.

For you out of towners, Do you have anything like this in your home town?

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