New Project~~Me

At the beginning of the month I went to see Bon Jovi in concert. Daughtry opened for them. Chris Daughtry came out and sang a song with Bon Jovi. It was a super great show. It was the first Non-Christian concert I have seen in 3 years.

There were seven of us and we stayed in a hotel that was built in the 20’s and was totally art deco. One of the nicest places I have ever stayed. We went to a wonderful Italian restaurant for dinner. Where someone took our picture. It was when I saw this picture that it was all confirmed I am a big fat cow. No really I am. I come from a family of big women on both sides. My fraternal grandmother weighed about 300 lbs when she passed away. Her sisters where just as big. My mother is overweight also. So it is genetic and emotional eating that has gotten me to this point. Here are all us girls at dinner….Yeah I am the fat one.
Look Cindy I am the one that looks pregnant!
Last week I joined Weight Watchers. I have never done anything like this before. So far it has been pretty good. It is strange what foods you miss. I thought it would be hard to not eat french fries but I have found that my craving is for cheese. So hopefully the next time I post a picture of me I will be a little lighter. I actually have had fun this week and my husband has been super supportive. I need prayer to stay smart and strong!

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  1. I think you are beautiful. You do have ridiculously skinny friends, however.;)

    I will pray for strength for you. You are going to do great.

  2. I have been honestly struggling with my weight for a couple of years now…finally joining the local YMCA about a year ago and having some success just to see it melt away later on. Food is an issue for me. Time and managing it well enough to get to the Y to work out consistently is another. We’re together in this one, too.

    Its crazy that you’re also having pineal gland issues. Mine ruptured and made itself know in fall 1998. From that point they inserted a shunt to relieve the subsequent hydrocephilus (sp?) and pain. Then they tried a month of radiation to no avail. Finally biopsied and resorted to surgical removal after consultation with a specialist at John Hopkins in NYC. Things have been good since then.

    Good luck with weight watchers. Keep me posted…maybe we can support each other!

  3. Don’t let what you look like be the goal or you won;t stay with it. Do it for your kids

  4. You are beautiful both inside and out. But I will pray for you because I know how hard it is to give up something that we’ve grown into the habit of doing. You will succeed – I declare it!

  5. I think you look loverly 🙂

  6. hon..
    I am here for you.
    You are absolutely stunning and don’t let the devil tell you different.

    We are in this together.

    Me and you

  7. Aww…quit bein’ so hard on yourself! ; )

    I LOVE Weight Watchers. We started the Core plan about 2 years ago. It is simply a lifestyle change, NOT a diet! Lost 20 pounds before my daughter’s wedding last year….you will loose too, and feel SO much better! (and check out Laughing Cow cheese) ; )

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