Have you ever?

Have you ever just broken into tears for no reason other then Jesus in you? Have you ever felt such compassion for someone that you actually stop and lend a hand? Have you ever been just cruising along, minding your own busines, when all of a sudden you feel God in you so strong that you have to pull over?

Have you ever……..

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  1. no but I need to, may be one day

  2. YES!!!! not as often as I would like, but YES!!!!

    I saw a young pregnant girl on Friday night, that I just soooooo wanted to pray for. My words gushed out of my mouth, I’m sure she thought I was completely insane. But I could not leave her without loving her, without trying to give her hope for her future, without trying to give her a glimpse of Jesus!!!

  3. Not often enough. Love when I do.

  4. I’ve never had to pull over, and perhaps I should have because I cried one of my contacts right into my lap. Gee, that’s nice doing 60 on the freeway. This past Sunday I saw three teenaged boys at the altar during worship, jumping around, hands in the air on over their hearts. Needless to say there was a major mascara incident.

  5. I remember once driving on the turnpike and hearing Michael W. Smith’s “Let It Rain” — it was a weird praise Jesus moment and I pulled over at the McDonalds to just let it soak in.

    (I’ll do my TAGGED post tomorrow. Didn’t have time and I already had a dumb one written.)

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