Mount Shasta/Lake Shasta – Fridays Find

It is time for another journey around Redding.

Redding is an ideal place for anybody that loves outdoor living. Our biggest industry in town is recreation. We are nestled in a Valley surrounded by beautiful things. We have some big mountains, a couple big lakes, a really long river and many more things. One of the great things about Redding is that the city has made sure to require new developments/subdivisions to create walking trails and open space.

This week I am featuring beautiful Mount Shasta and Lake Shasta. I am not getting into the history but I will give you all a link if you are interested in some facts. From my backyard I can see Mount Shasta in the distance. The mountain itself is about an hour north. I have friends that love to ski up there. I am a beach girl so skiing isn’t my thing. Lake Shasta is a summer hot spot. They have tons of house boats that you can rent.

My family doesn’t spend any time on the lake because of Alligators (that is just for Cindy), actually it is because I prefer the pool that is in the backyard. I am a horrible homebody at times.

The pictures from last week and this week are hijacked off of yahoo. I plan on venturing out and taking some pictures with my own little camera. Just for all of you. I am pretty sure they won’t be as great as Deleise’s or Roger’s wife’s but I have some stuff that I want to show you through my eyes.

Isn’t this the most beautiful church. This picture is just amazing. I am ashamed to say that I don’t personally know the photographer but here is a link to their work.

Next Friday I will show you my favorite lake to go splashing around in. May you all have a blessed weekend.

(Thank you all for your kind words lately. I am blessed to have you all in my life. I may just need to come to OKC and collect me some hugs!)

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  1. Yeah…come get hugs!!

    BEAUTIFUL area you live in. Maybe we need to come visit YOU!

  2. I agree with Robin, It looks much more picturesque out there.

  3. Looks like we may have to rent an Edmond/Okc tour bus and head your way!

  4. Go to my blog, I tagged you.

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