Child-like at 20 – The End

……They can see that she loves the child she is carrying and there is an instant connection.

At the meeting they talked. They discussed faith in God, how they discipline their daughter, and what kind of extended family they have. Will her child grow up in a big family or small one? Will her child be taught rules, morals and consequences? The more she talked to the couple the more at peace she became with her decision. She asked them what they would expect from her as the birth mother, would contact be maintained throughout the child’s life. How involved did they want to be in the pregnancy?

At the end of the meeting the adoptive parents hugged her and told her that they would wait to hear her decision. They knew it would be a hard one and if she had anymore questions to contact them. Little did they know that she had already made up her mind. She wanted them to be her child’s parents. She knew that they would give her child everything that she couldn’t. She knew that she would be allowed to still love her child from a distance and not have to worry about the child’s upbringing.

So here she is at 20 relying more on her doctor than her family. She tells him her decision to allow the couple to adopt her baby. They together called the couple and told them her decision. They were excited. It was going to be a long journey. She was only 6 weeks pregnant.

The couple took full interest in her. They offered to cover her living expenses but she chose to go on welfare to assist the couple. She wanted them to spend the money on her child not on her. She became friends with the Mother-To-Be (MTB). Her doctor recommended an OB. He didn’t accept Medi-Cal. The MTB went to him and explained the reason why the girl was one Medi-Cal, she offered to pay the difference between what they paid and what he billed. The OB decided to accept just what Medi-Cal paid. The MTB was present for her sonogram. The MTB and the girl were together when they found out that the child was a boy. The couple asked the girl if she had any name preferences. She didn’t want to interfere with the important name decision.

August, 10th the girl had her labor induced. Two hours and 35 minutes later with the MTB present in the room, the girl gave birth to a beautiful boy. The nuns at the hospital tried to talk the girl into keeping her son. But the girl told them that her son belonged with his parents, the couple that were going to raise him. The girl got to hold her baby a few times in the hospital. When they were released the girl was wheeled out of the hospital holding her son. She handed her son to his mother. It was both rewarding to her and heartbreaking to see him leave with them. She said a special prayer that he would always be happy and know that he was a loved child of god.

Through the years she has received pictures and family letters. He knows that he is adopted and has been raised to believe that he was given as a gift out of love not tossed away because he wasn’t wanted. This couple that stepped up to raise her son had done an outstanding job.

These posts have been the story of how I spent the 20th year of my life. How I had a beautiful baby boy. How with an extraordinary man’s help and faith I found a beautiful family for my son. My son will be 19 this year. I feel blessed to have been used as a vessel.

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  1. Wow, Theresa. Just wow. You are an amazing woman.

  2. I was touched by your story. Come to Oklahoma, I’d love to hug your neck!

  3. An amazing story…you are quite a woman, Theresa….even at 20! Your son is blessed with TWO mothers!! Thanks for sharing your heart.

  4. Wow, my heart is full joy.

    This is a WOW story, but I SEE so much God in this story. Your son is a VERY BLESSED young man. He has two mothers and they dearly love him.

    You are Honored for this decision.
    Not by man neccesarily.. But God knows the sacarfice that you made and HE has never forgotten that.

    Love ya!!!

  5. Holy cow, Theresa. I’m tearing up and that takes a lot.

    Can I just say how proud I am of you? What a difficult choice that must have been. But obviously, it was the right one for the sake of the baby.

    Do you talk to him? Have you spent any time with him?

    And if you come to Oklahoma, I’m second in line behind Kim to get a hug 🙂

    I do love you, Theresa.

  6. wow that is awesome

  7. What an amazing gift. Bless you for being so selfless. Much love and prayers.

  8. Amazing, simply amazing!!!

  9. I am crying tears of joy for your story, friend. I came over from Heidi’s and just read all three parts. What a remarkable woman you are. If only every young woman who found herself in that situation had such loving help from those who can make a difference. I not only give you honor, but the doctor you spoke of deserves to be honored.

    Beautiful. I just love a happy ending.

  10. Wow. I found your story through Heidi’s blog. What an incredible story – thank you so much for sharing. I cannot even imagine what you have gone through and given up and what God has used for His glory!

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