Child-like at 20 – Part 2

Is it better to have the abortion and spare this child the poverty that it will live with? The girl’s mother has already said that she wouldn’t help with the child. The girl’s father isn’t around at the moment either.

She makes and appointment with her doctor. She has known him forever and trusts him. He is one of the few mature adult males that she trusts. He starts talking to her about adoption.

She had never thought about adoption. How would anybody ever forgive her for giving away her baby? Would any man want her to be his wife? Would she ever have the life that she wanted? The life of being married to a man that loved only her. The life of giving him children of their own. The situation that she is in has totally renamed the term “Comes with Baggage.

Her doctor pulled out a file that had “Resumes” in it. There were pictures and life stories of people that wanted children and couldn’t have them. She didn’t have any idea that people were so desperate for children that they contacted doctors they didn’t know on the offside chance that they might know a girl that wanted to give up her baby.

She reviewed the file and talked to her doctor more about adoption. He offered to go through the process from beginning to end with her. He offered to help her interview people that wanted to be parents to her child. He had known her most of her life and was so proud of her for not having an abortion. He knew her home life. He knew her mother. He knew how hard this whole thing was for her.

Together they went over the resumes. They picked a few and started to get further into the reviewing process. How do you pick your baby’s parents? How do you rectify the whole thing in your mind? You aren’t in a position to raise a baby but you also don’t want an abortion.

After review of over 75 couples, she picks one. She likes this couple because they have already adopted a child 5 years earlier. Her child would have a sister. She also likes them because neither of them can have children. There will never be any blame about how come they can’t have children of their own. That is a great comfort for her.

She and her doctor contact the couple and arrange for a meeting in his office. She is nervous. What will they think of her? Here she is giving away the one thing they want more than anything and can’t have for themselves. They can see that she loves the child she is carrying and there is an instant connection.

The third and last part to come tomorrow……

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  1. Hanging with you…tough stuff. Love you!

  2. can’t wait to hear the rest!
    We all have baggage, don’t we? We should be limited to a small see-through baggie like you have to use at the airport. Anything larger should be cast aside. What am i saying?! We should throw all that baggage, big and small to the one with bigger shoulders in the heavenly places!!

  3. OOHFFF couldn’t imagine

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