Child-like at 20 – Part 1

There was a 20 year old girl that was not living as she should. She was having fun. She was bartending, doing drugs and sleeping with her boyfriend. She thought that life didn’t get any better than that.

She was raised a Christian. She believed in Jesus. She believed in the Sunday school version of Jesus. She had no understanding of the real sacrifice He made for us.

One day she started not feeling well. She was so tired, she started vomiting at weird times of the day. She had to work to survive so she did more drugs to keep her going. She went in to see her Doctor. He had been her doctor her entire life. So she told him how bad she had been feeling. He ran tests.

The next day she learned her fate. She was pregnant. How did this happen to her. She was so careful. She used the pill, she made him use a condom. How? How? How? As she sat in the doctor’s office hearing the results she started praying. Isn’t that what her grandmother had taught her? Tough times get easier with prayer.

She talks to her boyfriend. He is shocked, they have been so careful. He doesn’t believe in abortion. She is relieved because she doesn’t want one. She is scared the he will want to get married. She loves him but doesn’t want to marry him. This is the first time in her life of “maturity”, that she realizes that she doesn’t want to marry the man she has been having sex with. They talk and talk. They take time alone and then come back together and talk. He does the one thing she fears that most. He asks her to marry him. He doesn’t love her like that, she doesn’t love him like that either. They are lovers and friends not life long companions. If they marry they will end up hating each other.

She witnesses an incident in a McDonalds where a mother is buying her child a Happy Meal and not getting herself anything. When the child asks his mom why she didn’t get anything she tells her son that she only has enough money to get him his meal. Since it is his birthday she wants him to enjoy his Happy Meal. She weeps as she witnesses this mother’s love for her child. She wants so much more for the child she is carrying.

Is it better to have the abortion and spare this child the poverty that it will live with? The girl’s mother has already said that she wouldn’t help with the child. The girl’s father isn’t around at the moment either. Is she going to end up following in her mother’s footsteps?

To Be Continued……

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  1. That’s deep.
    But I’m pretty hard lined on this one. I believe poverty is no reason to abort a child. If that were true, I should have been “eliminated” around age 12.

    Can’t wait to read more…and other’s comments.

  2. Don’t know what the rest will say, but I learned something about 21 years ago. It gave me complete compassion for those that DO choose to end a life. I’ll share it sometime in my blog ;-).

  3. I know a person that lived in a park pregnant in the dead of winter at 14 to keep the child that her parents wanted her to abort. She was broke and ended up living in a shelter. But now that lady has a beautiful 14 year old daughter that is wonderful and they are doing great. Just because it may be bad at some points in life it doesn’t always have to be. I grew up very poor at one point living in a house full of mice but I don’t remember hating it. It just was what it was. I didn’t know any different. I would never hate someone that decided to abort or look down on them but I think the child deserves a shot at life.

  4. Abortion is not an option. Jesus takes care of those who love Him, including those who make mistakes. Mom may have made a mistake but the baby didn’t do anything. Jehovah Jireh, God is our Provider.

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