Daddy Can You………

My daughter Hope went to Disneyland with her school band. On the way home one of the charter buses got a flat tire. They were in Lodi. (Not sure if any of you will remember the song “Oh Lord stuck in Lodi again” I know I am dating myself. That song was the first thing that popped into my head when I heard their predicament. It created the giggles in me.) Apparently at 7pm on a Sunday there is no one that can change a bus tire.

Hope was really upset because the band teacher had informed the entire bus of Junior Highers that they were going to have to sleep in the bus on the side of the road. Hope was not happy about that so what does my peanut do…….

She calls her Daddy. And in her 12 year old cuteness and the belief that her Daddy can fix anything…….She asks if he will come and fix the flat tire on the bus.

There were a few logistical issues with her request. The biggest one being that Lodi is about 200 miles away. So even driving 70 mph it would take almost 3 hours to get to her. Craig puffed up all proud that his little girl called him for help.

Hope ended up getting home okay. The bus pulled into her school at 10:36 pm, Sunday night. Exhausted, Excited and Talkative my Peanut is home. Boy did I miss her.

This situation got me thinking.

How many times have I asked my Heavenly Father for something that has “logistical problems”?

How often have I sought comfort in asking for something, knowing that He can do it? He can fix anything!

But most of all…..
When I ask for something with “logistical problems” does He look at me as Craig saw Hope when she called? Does He feel 10 feet tall and excited when I ask Him to help me?

Does He feel happy that I come to him childlike?

Does He feel proud that my faith in Him even covers the parts of my life with “logistical problems”?

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  1. I really love the way you came up with that. I guess I have never stood back and looked at it like that – Thank you for the insight. 🙂

  2. Well, the Psalmist said that God split heaven and earth to get to him! I’d wager he loves it when we need him!

  3. Nice one, Theresa. I’m sure He feels the same way Craig did. That is sweet to think about.

  4. Good thoughts…I’m afraid I’m so practical, that I may miss the great opportunities that my Father would lavish on me, if I’d only ask. Learning to ask more! Thanks, Theresa.

  5. Man that post rocked me. I have never thought about that. Cool point of view

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