I am getting ready to embark on a flashback to the 80’s. In July of 1988, yes I said 1988, I attended a concert of a new band called BON JOVI.
This is them then.I had the best time.

Well tomorrow I get to relive that experience. A group of 7 middle aged women (this includes me) are going to revert to a pack of teenagers. We are going to hoot and holler and act like we are 17 again.
This is them now.

It is very odd to me that the first time I saw them was 20 years ago. It really doesn’t feel that long ago. This is one of those momments that make you step back and realize you aren’t a spring chicken anymore.

The very first time that I heard something and thought “Boy I feel old.” was when the 20th anniversary of Star Wars was announced. I remember that day vividly. My mom is an avid Sci-Fi fan. This meant that we went and stood in line for 3 hours to see Star Wars on opening day. Crazy but true.

Have you ever had that feeling about something? Where you sit back and say Man that makes me feel old?
On a side note…..

All of my OK blogging friends, Please let me know that you have survived all the nasty weather. I saw this morning another tornado touched down but they didn’t say which town. I am not very familiar with where the towns are. I pray for all the families that are affected but a special worry prayer goes out to my new friends!!

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  1. From what I have gathered all of us are fine. One hit about 200 yards from my house and messed up some roofs and fences but nothing to bad. No damage on my house

    About the post. What makes me feel old is hiring someone that was born after I graduated highschool. I have quite a few employees like that now. But I don’t mind, I sure wouldn’t want to be 20 again

  2. Cracking up…
    I was a Bon Jovi fan too…way back when…
    I checked into tickets for my husband as a surprise but HUH-UH! By the time I checked into it, all the “even-marginally-affordable” seats were gone. Have fun!

    Yep, we’re all okay in OK. This stuff lasts until about June.

  3. I saw Bon Jovi in the 80s too! You have a great time! Be sure and spray your hair up real big.

  4. OLD? No WAY! I’ve decided denial is the only way to go! (and not looking in the mirror any more than necessary)

    Have fun—keep being a teenager (with the added wisdom of a “few” more years).

    PS -1988? My 5th child was born that year!! No concerts for me!

  5. My oldest son turned 26 this year; I look in the mirror and vaguely recognize a face that used to look like mine. I now use my belt as a bra! Yet in my mind, I’m still 26 which makes it impossible for Jesse to exist (I’ll just ignore him, okay?).

    Alex, the 16 year old, is listening to music I listened to in the 70’s and 80’s (as if it was just recorded last week). Do I feel old????? OY!

    Hope you enjoy Bon Jovi (Jon has aged well!)

  6. Bon Jovi all the way, baby.

    We weathered the storms Sunday night/early Monday morning. It was eerie and completely still outside. The tornado was near and then when it turned north of us, we felt the winds. We’re good, though.

  7. Bon Jovi is yummy. No tornados here. THanks for the luv!

  8. Hey, Bon Jovi…. whoa that takes me back.

    But I remember Boy George.. I was humming his song just tonight.

    San Diego is beautiful….

    Love you friend!!!!

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