My Pound Puppy

Meet Midas. He is my pound puppy. I love him. That is saying alot considering I am a cat person. 🙂

We got Midas at the local Haven Humane. They think he was 5 months old when we got him. He is now 4 years old. We went as a family to find a dog. My son and my husband had found this dog that they thought they wanted to adopt. I walked around the corner and there was Midas.

What was it about Midas that stood out? Well amongst all the dogs running around and jumping and barking. Here was this little blonde puppy wrapped up in a ball sound asleep. He didn’t care what the others were doing. I leaned down and he lifted his head and licked my finger. But he still remained in a ball. He was the cutest thing.

Our Humane Society has a room where you can visit with the animals you are thinking about adopting. So I let the boys take the dog they wanted and we went into the room and sat with him for about 10 minutes. He became hyper. He started to growl at my son and daughter. Then I had the worker bring in Midas. He ran over licked all four of us. Nuzzeled his head in my lap and just stood there. It was like he knew I was the one he had to sell himself too. The family decided that Midas was coming home with us. Oh by the way he had no name. I named him Midas when I saw him sleeping in his pen.

He has been with us ever since. We are the most blessed family in the world to have such a great friend! I love this dog. He even likes our cat!! We have had him for about 3 years now.

What you don’t know by looking at this picture is that my two babies are sleeping in that tent. That tent was set up in our backyard and the kids slept in it that night. Midas never left his postion as guard.

Here is a warning….Don’t mess with HIS Kids!!!

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  1. Awesome story. We have a kind heart for animals as well at one point we had 2 gerbels, 2 parakeets, 2 fish and 3 dogs. we are no down to 3 dogs and a turtle. We adopted all 3 dogs and they are all super lovers and will tolerate the kids doing anything and everything.

  2. “We are the most blessed family in the world to have such a great friend! I love this dog. He even likes our cat!!”

    I love this story!

  3. I’m not a pet person (small tadpoles not included) but I can still appreciate those who do love the furry friends!

  4. I knew you had a big heart! I’m not a pet person either…I think I had too many kids…LOL!

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