My Health Journey – Part 2

All was good until August 21, 2007……. That was were I ended last time with the continuing story of my health.

After a long discussion of weighing the pros and cons, Craig and I decided that I could quit my job in May, stay home with the kids all summer and then look for part-time work when they went back to school. I was so excited. I have worked since I was 13. I have never been off for more than 3 months at a time. After I had had Hope I was only off 3 weeks and then I was hauling her into my office. So this was exciting for me. My kids at the time were 14 and 12. I was looking forward to doing things with them.

On August 21,2007 I got up and my face felt funny. It is kind of hard to explain but the entire right side of my face was numb. It felt like the tingling you get in your hand when it is asleep without the pins and needles or like Novocain had been shot into my head without the heavy feeling you get. It was really strange. I had total movement, no sagging so it wasn’t Bell’s Palsy.

I also had no medical insurance so I really couldn’t afford the doctor. Medical Insurance really hadn’t been an option at my job so I had no COBRA benefits. My kids are covered through and awesome program called Healthy Families and my husband is covered through the VA. I just prayed that it would go away and not get worse. It didn’t and it did get worse.

I started feeling fatigued in September. It was so hard to do anything anymore. I would get up at 8 and be back in bed at 10:30. Not just laying there reading either but sound asleep. I have never ever been that way.

Through my seven months of double vision I had created friendships with my doctors. So I called one of them up and talk about what I had been experiencing and he wanted to “unofficially” see me. He called another one of my doctors and that one also wanted to see me “unofficially”. At that point they both recommended that I get medical insurance fast and get to a doctor “officially”. They both feel that an MS diagnosis will be the eventual outcome.

This is where I can really show you how awesome our Heavenly Father is. I am friends with my old boss at the job that I left in May. During the summer we would see each other for lunch and emailed all the time. In October my replacement was terminated. My boss called me up offered me my job back at part-time hours with fully paid medical benefits. Five months to the day that I left I returned to my job. Part of my quitting my job in May was due to being bored and not wanting to work full-time. And here the Lord had restored my position with a company I love, given me medical insurance and allowed me to work part-time.

Our Father is awesome. He gives us what we need when we need it. I am at peace with whatever comes of this medical condition. It won’t define me. It will be one small component of who I am. I would still love tons of prayer, advice, opinions, and again more prayer.

I will update as I know more. I go to a specialist on the 10th of March. Thank you all for caring.

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  1. Thanks for reading.
    I have read the rest of your posts and didn;t know what to say until now but your MS info reminded me of my aunt and what she went through. Your might want to try this out and if nothing else it would be worth the shot. It really helped my aunt a ton and she is now a totally different person and it has helped numerous other people I know all over the country. It is upper cervical chiropractic. there is no hard manipulation and they only work on the top bone of your neck called the axis I think. More about it here
    ya never know… keep the faith

  2. praying for you!

  3. I hope the 10th is good news! I’m so glad for God’s faithfulness in your life!

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