Concert Update

I had an awesome night!

Matthew West didn’t play nearly long enough. He has an awesome story about healing. He got the crowd warmed up. He was the only one on stage so it was fun when he “Introduced” the band.

Toby Mac came out and explained the way that Jeremy Camp and him decided who was going to play first. Jeremy wanted arm wrestling, Toby said No. Toby wanted basketball, Jeremy said No. So that left flipping a coin. Jeremy lost.

Jeremy Camp came out and sang his heart out. I have seen him 3 other times in the last year and he has been awesome each time. He spoke about missing his wife (Adie-who is an amazing singer) and girls while on the road, about his first wife, Melissa, who went home to the Lord. I would recommend seeing him in any setting you can for any price. He is an amazing follower of Jesus. He pulls out his Bible right on stage and reads scripture to you. He speaks of his stuggles and his triumphs and he praises the Lord with all that he is.

Then came Toby. Have you ever been to a concert where the stage guards probably don’t know what is coming, they are just doing a job. Well I wish that I could have taken a picture when TobyMac and his crew started playing. They hit it hard and it was awesome. The entire entourage is high energy, bouncing around and just amazing in their worship of the Lord. There is no doubt in anybodys mind that they are there for Jesus. They hit it hard and they hit it dead on. He actually came down into the audience and sang to the crowd. Here again another awesome entertainer that pulled out his Bible and read scripture to us. Then broke out in song that captured the youngest to my old age of almost 40 staight to the heart of what Jesus is. They finished the night with Made To Love You, Burn For You and Jesus Freak.

All in all it was an absolutely Awesome concert. What a blessing they have received from God. Even if their music isn’t your style you have to applaud them for capturing the hearts of youth.

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