One of My Favorite Things—Concerts!!!

Have you all gotten those emails from your friends that want you to answer 20 questions about yourself?

Recently I received one that was a little bit different. It was 12 questions. Here is the twist, I was suppose to fill it out about the person that sent it to me. This to me was fun. So I answered the questions about the sender. I also sent a blank one to a group of friends.

When the reponses started coming in they all had the same answer to #6, What is one of my favorite things?, CONCERTS!!! I loved that people who had known me 30 years or 1 year knew me well enough to know that about me.

So I am departing tomorrow. I am on my way to fulfilling another one of my dreams. TOBY MAC IN CONCERT!!!!! He is being joined by Matthew West and my all time fav…Jeremy Camp!

I will be extremely tired Tuesday but oh how worth it it will be!!

What is your #6? Please tell me some of your favorite things.

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  1. Bizarre, but one of my favorite things are cemetaries…not in a weird way but I like to see how old people were, what words are written on the headstones, and stuff like that. I think they are really pretty scenes. (wouldn’t you like to be near one when those graves start releasing all those believers when the King calls em?!)…If that’s how it’s going to happen, of course…can’t wait to find out.

  2. One of my favourite things is listening to people laugh. Not always easy to find one of those “concerts” but I could listen to hours to that music.

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