Peace = ?

Peace = Quiet
Peace = Calm
Peace = Serenity
Peace = Acceptance

These are a few of the things that Peace mean to me.

The Lord showed me Psalm 34:12-14 about 5 years ago. At the time I had been praying for safety from bad influences in the workplace, healing for my husband, strength to continue to support my family. Those verses offered me great comfort at the time. They still do. I would have to say that if you carry a motto around this would be mine.

Peace to me has become a goal at all times. Peace with my family, my situation and my future. When hard things hit as well as exciting times I seek my peace. It isn’t always easy to find peace. It can be really elusive. I know that the enemy doesn’t want you to locate it. It takes away his power.

I am in the process of being diagnosised with what they think is MS. My friends and family are really upset about it. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not elated by it either. But God has once again put my “Motto” to work in me. I am at peace with it. I am calm, quiet, accepting and have found some serenity with it.

What does Peace mean to you? Have you found yours yet?

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  1. To me, peace is contentment.

    Your post is full of wisdom. I will say a prayer for you as you wait for your diagnosis from the doctor.

  2. Peace is the closest thing to perfection on this side of Heaven. I found Him 4 years ago and will continue to pursue Him until I’m with Him.

  3. Thank you Deleise for you prayers and encouragement.

    Hope…Well Said!! Hope is my daughter’s name too. Because everybody needs a little HOPE!!

  4. Peace is what I have even when life would say otherwise. Thanks!

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