How Did You Find Us? Part 1

I am so excited. I have gotten 2 comments. Both from awesome blogging women. Thank you both for stopping by.

I was asked “How Did You Find Us?” That is a loaded question with a couple of answers. So I will break it up into 2 parts. 1 being the actual clicking route that got me to you and the 2 will be the emotional place that I was at when I started my blogging obession. I assume that it was just a matter of time before I couldn’t help myself, I wasn’t sure if I would ever post a blog and now I have planned out two. 🙂

The clicking path that I took to find most of my blog roll started one morning at church. While waiting for the service to start, on the announcement screens, there it was, an invitation to visit our Pastors blog. ( As I will explain in the second part….I had some down time & enjoy reading so I visited his blog. Well then it all started to spiral. I love everyones Love Links. I started exploring his. I noticed that our Worship Pastor had a blog. So I went and read and I noticed a Mad Church Disease banner but didn’t click it. From his Links I clicked on a guy that runs a really awesome restaurant here (Moonstone Bistro, Redding, CA) he also had the same MCD banner. At this point my curiosity is peaked. So I clicked it and found Anne Jackson, that was some awesome reading.

I figured Anne’s Love Links had to go to great places because she was awesome, so… Yep you guessed it…I clicked and clicked and clicked. First I found Little Bits of Life, which lead me to Cindy Beall’s Blog, where you can guess that I not only started clicking her Love Links but started to see alot of the same names on all the lists.

Part of the fun of reading blogs is reading the comments by others. Over a little time I started piecing commenters to there blogs. So in a nutshell that is how I found you all.

It is amazing to read all of your blogs. They lift me up, make me realize that some of my struggles aren’t mine alone and they strangely make me feel comforted. Funny how people that live so far away, that I will probably never meet can help without even knowing it. God has truly blessed you all and I thank every single one of you for posting, posting, posting!

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  1. fun little blog you got going here! glad you clicked!

  2. I found you because you found me! Thanks for visiting, i look forward to getting to know you.

  3. This is great, Theresa. Thanks for sharing your blogging journey. It is a lot of fun!

    Hey! I have a friend in Redding. Linda Curtis. We met three years ago on a cruise and have cruised together each year!

  4. Hi Theresa. I found you when you commented on my blog. It is amazing how people get hooked together from so far away! Your blog looks great!

  5. This is really a girl thing, isn’t it?! We’re soooo relational that blogs just make sense for us! Thanks for the kind comment on my post today. Looking forward to reading more from you!

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